Medical Alert

Emergency Response and Medication Dispensing

Emergency Response

We offer patients and caregivers several options in Personal Emergency Response to keep them safe and connected. Click here for product details.

  • Equipment operates from a home phone line or cellular signal.
  • Professionally installed and supported by St.Vincent staff.
  • Option to list multiple caregivers or 911 for emergency response.
  • Patient diagnoses and medical conditions can be listed for emergency responders.
  • Billed monthly for monitoring with no contract.

Medication Dispenser

Patients who follow the directions of their doctors by taking the right medication at the right time can reduce the health risks associated with medication mistakes and misuse. Our Medication Dispenser automates each patient's exact medication regimen. Click here for product details.

  • The Dispenser can be programmed for up to 60 days of medication.
  • The machine dispenses up to 6 doses a day.
  • Alerts are sent out for missed doses, power outages, and malfunctions.
  • Billed monthly for monitoring with no contract.

For more information, please call 800-972-7157.