Sports Performance Center (SM)

St. Vincent Sports Performance began in 1987 and has continued to evolve into an innovative hub delivering multiple facets of high quality performance medicine. The cornerstones of the Sports Performance Center are:

  • Performance Medicine
  • Performance Training
  • Performance Psychology
  • Performance Nutrition

At the Sports Performance Center, an emphasis is placed on utilizing the skills of a multispecialty team to best diagnose, treat, and ultimately prevent athletic injury. Specialists from all the above facets are located on site making consultation seamless both for the patient and medical providers.

For the medical team, radiographs and musculoskeletal ultrasound are on site and available to assist in timely and accurate diagnosis of musculoskeletal injuries. Physicians work hand in hand with Certified Athletic Trainers as physician extenders. When appropriate, rehabilitation can begin immediately as ATCs can advise patients on appropriate rehab protocols and arrange follow up as necessary. As the patient recovers from injury, psychology and nutrition consultation is available if needed. Finally, after the patient has healed, rehab specialists and strength and conditioning specialists are available for maximizing performance and focusing on injury prevention – should the patient desire. This network of specialties sets the Sports Performance Center apart as the ultimate in convenience and continuity for the athletic population.

In addition to these services, the Sports Performance Center has space dedicated specifically to the care of concussed athletes. Working in conjunction with the Athletes Concussion Alliance, the sports medicine specialists at the Sports Performance Center are at the forefront in experience and expertise in evaluating concussions. A computer lab on site is dedicated to neurocognitive testing. In addition, a staff neuropsychologist is available for consultation on difficult cases. While training at the Sports Performance Center, the sports medicine fellow will become proficient in concussion evaluation, treatment strategies, and management.

The Sports Performance Center has numerous affiliations ranging from local club groups, interscholastic, colleges and universities, to professional and olympic organizations. For more information on these affiliations and the services available at the St. Vincent Sports Performance Center, please visit our website at