Medical Students

At St.Vincent there are multiple opportunities for students to work and learn. We offer 2nd, 3rd and 4th year rotations.

St.Vincent is affiliated with the Indiana University School of Medicine and Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine (beginning clinical rotations in 2015-2016).

Our dynamic student education program brings approximately 40-50 students to our campus each month where they experience a wide variety of educational opportunities. Many St.Vincent rotations are considered outstanding by Indiana University medical students.


We welcome and encourage 4th year medical students to complete an elective rotation at our hospital. It is an excellent opportunity to gain diverse experience and to see the daily activities and functioning of an independent medical center.

To provide academic credit for electives, all rotations should be scheduled through Indiana University School of Medicine. To add or drop a St.Vincent elective after the initial match, please contact Jane Mikosz, Coordinator of Medical Student Education, 317-338-2282, or

Guest students may apply to take an elective here by following the instructions below:

All U.S. based medical school applicants (Both MD and DO) must use the AAMC visiting student application service - VSAS: to apply for electives at Indiana University School of Medicine.

Our courses are very full. If you are interested in a course midyear, please email your request to You will be advised about applying.

For 2014-2015, the online system will be open mid May 2014.

MD and DO student applicants:

Affiliated International/Canadian applicants:

See for scheduling procedures.

Our VSAS course catalog is located below and has been updated. The available number of slots in our courses will be known the first week of May. Please research the elective you want before applying so you can receive the best experience in the field you are interested in at the location which will best meet your long range goals. Many departments will evaluate you based on your transcript and board scores, so this may be a deciding factor in whether or not you receive an invitation.

It is highly recommended that guests follow the same calendar as IU students and begin electives the first day or Monday of the month and end the course during that same month. Some departments will require that you do this.

You may take up to three electives (this may change for the 2014-15 school year), but you must request these online via VSAS at least 8 weeks in advance. Elective requests added at a later date may not be able to be processed in a timely manner. Scheduling will begin May 15. Guests requests are approved as soon as possible, but then are finalized and confirmed on a month to month basis, so thank you for your patience in advance.

Elective Rotations    
AIMS (as elective) 49MI706 Dr. Kevin Tolliver
Anesthesia 49AN706 Dr. Ryan Harris
Cardiology 49MC706 Dr. Janet Rippy
Endocrine 49ME716 Dr. Rashid Khairi
Family Medicine Ambulatory 49YX706 Dr. Cynthia Meneghini
Family Medicine Inpatient 49YF706  Dr. Curt Ward
Geriatric Medicine 49MX716  Dr. Patrick Healey
Gynecologic Oncology 49GO736 Dr Michael Callahan
Hematology/Oncology 49MH706  Dr. Robert Manges
Hospice 49MI746  Dr. Colleen Brown
ICU 49MI726  Dr. Jerome Barnes
Internal Medicine (Ambulatory) 49MX706  Dr. Robert Love
Maternal Fetal Med (Ambulatory) 49GO726  Dr. James Sumners
Neonatology (Community) 49KN706  Dr. Carolyn Maylock
Obstetrics/Gynecology 49GO706  Dr. Mary Abernathy
Pediatrics (Community or Inpatient) 49KX706  Dr. Sheila Stewart
Pediatrics ER 49ZE716  Dr. Tonya Hole
Pulmonary Disease & CC 49MP726  Dr. Mitchell Pfeiffer
Renal 49MR706  Dr. John Lucia
Surgery (Colon & Rectal) 49SG786  Dr. Scott Pittman
Surgery (General & Thoracic) 49SG796  Dr. Chad Davis
Surgery (General) 49SG746  Dr. Mark Edwards
Surgery (Hand) 49LA716  Dr. Jeffrey Greenberg
Surgery (Pediatric) 49SK706  Dr. Thomas Rouse
Urology 49UR706  Dr. John Ramsey

If you are placed in an elective, you will be notified by email. Thank you for your interest in St.Vincent.