Internal Medicine

Director's Welcome

Building on a tradition of over 100 years of medical education, the St. Vincent Internal Medicine Residency Program is characterized by a collegial atmosphere, academic rigor, and numerous opportunities.

We are the receiving tertiary referral center for a network of rural hospitals. You will encounter pathology you thought existed only in textbooks. Similarly, you will be struck by the cultural diversity of our patient population. Just as importantly, you will be struck by the autonomy, the respect you receive from attendings, and the fact that our residents are happy. While there are ample opportunities for patient care, we emphasize education over service and ensure a balance between work and family life. Through a personalized mentorship approach, we ensure that each resident is able to individualize a curriculum that fits their career goals, be it Hospitalist medicine, Women’s health, or International medicine.

We realize that our residency program needs to prepare Internal Medicine graduates who have the skills to succeed in the health care environment of ten years from now and beyond. As such, our residents receive training in.

  • Office management skills
  • Documentation, coding and reimbursement
  • Disaster preparedness (pandemic influenza, natural disasters, etc.)
  • Public health
  • Electronic health record skills
  • Quality improvement and clinical research methodology
  • Physician advocacy

Regardless of your career goals, you will have an excellent residency experience at St. Vincent. We have successfully prepared physicians for careers in Primary care, Hospitalist medicine, Rural medicine, Urban/Underserved medicine, Medical research and a myriad of subspecialties. Our graduates are highly successful in obtaining subspecialty fellowships at major univeristy centers. Perhaps more importantly, a high percentage of our residents return to St. Vincent following fellowship in order to continue our mission of educational excellence.

At the heart of our program are the core values of St. Vincent:

  • Integrity – Inspiring trust through personal leadership
  • Wisdom – Integrating excellence and stewardship
  • Creativity – Courageous innovation
  • Reverence – Respect and compassion for the dignity and diversity of life
  • Dedication
  • Service to the Poor

We believe that if we can instill these values into our residents, then we will successfully train the physician leaders of tomorrow. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have further questions about our program.