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St.Vincent Heart Center First in Indiana to Offer Clinical Trial, New Solution to Treat Often Deadly Condition – St.Vincent Medical Group

WTHR-13, WIBC 93.1 FM, Current in Carmel

Dr. Sajjad Hussain, vascular surgeon with St.Vincent Medical Group at St.Vincent Heart Center, is the first in the state and second in the nation to participate in a clinical study for a revolutionary surgical procedure designed to repair an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) called the Nellix™ EndoVascular Aneurysm Sealing System (EVAS), sponsored by Endologix, Inc.

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How A Baby Can Be Born With The Amniotic Sac Intact – St.Vincent Medical Group

Dr. Susan Benson, OB/GYN with St.Vincent Medical Group, was interviewed following national reports that a baby was born fully encased in his mother’s amniotic sac. Benson shared how this happens, and her experience with delivering these rare pregnancies.

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Relationship Status – St.Vincent Medical Group, St.Vincent Heart Center

Indianapolis Monthly

Studies have found that certain activities – like not flossing your teeth or skipping breakfast – can impact one’s heart health. Dr. Kirk Parr, interventional cardiologist with St.Vincent Medical Group, and Kristen Welch, registered dietitian at St.Vincent Heart Center, explained the relationship between these activities and heart disease risk.

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6 Signs Of A Heart Attack – St.Vincent Heart Center

Hank FM

St.Vincent Heart Center educated readers of six primary warning signs of a heart attack and encouraged Hoosiers to seek medical attention immediately.

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Counselor Says There Is Help for SAD – St.Vincent Stress Center

WIBC 93.1 FM

Adam Allman, licensed mental health counselor with St.Vincent Stress Center, provided insight to seasonal affective disorder, commonly known as SAD. He provided home remedies that may help those who are suffering from this type of depression.

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Indy Doctor Weighs In On Peanut Allergy Report – St.Vincent Indianapolis

WRTV-6, WIBC 93.1 FM, FOX-59, CBS-4

Dr. Scott Phillips, allergist with CENTA at St.Vincent, was interviewed by WRTV-6 and WIBC 93.1 FM about a new study stating that young children who are exposed to peanuts at an early age may have a lower risk of developing an allergy to peanuts later in life. Dr. Pinkus Goldberg, allergist with Allergy Associates of Central Indiana at St.Vincent, was also interviewed on the same topic in-studio by FOX-59 and CBS-4.

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Coffee May Reduce MS Risk – St.Vincent Neuroscience Institute, St.Vincent Indianapolis


Dr. Cynthia McGarvey, neurologist at JWM Neurology with the St.Vincent Neuroscience Institute, weighed in on a new study out of Cleveland Clinic stating that drinking at least six cups of coffee a day may lower one’s risk for developing multiple sclerosis.

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Penske’s New IndyCar Driver Lineup Bears Watching As Banter Begins – St.Vincent Sports Performance

Indianapolis Star, Journal & Courier

IndyCar drivers Josef Newgarden and Sage Karam recently ran through four of the NFL Scouting Combine skills tests at Lucas Oil Stadium and their efforts matched some top tier football players. Newgarden trains at St.Vincent Sports Performance.

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Shaw’s Career Dedicated to Local Healthcare – St.Vincent Jennings

North Vernon Plain Dealer

Karen Shaw, RN, is retiring from St. Vincent Jennings after serving her local community for almost 40 years. Carl Risk, administrator of St.Vincent Jennings, was quoted publically thanking Shaw for her dedication and compassionate care.

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Insurance Deadline Sunday – St.Vincent Dunn


The Health Insurance Marketplace enrollment period under the Affordable Care Act recently closed. Just prior to the deadline, the Times-Mail shared enrollment resources located within the community for those who needed help – including certified navigators at St.Vincent Dunn.

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Stop Blaming the Accusers – St.Joseph Kokomo

Kokomo Tribune

The Kokomo Tribune recently posted a story on their Facebook page about a case of rape and stated they were disappointed in the offensive responses by their “fans.” The newspaper wrote an article about this disappointment, asking their readers and community to stop perpetuating the fear of being blamed for an attack. At the end of the article, the newspaper encouraged anyone who has been sexually assaulted to seek medical attention at St. Joseph Kokomo or Community Howard Regional.

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St. Joseph Kokomo Remembers Dr. James Whitfield – St.Vincent Medical Group

Kokomo Perspective

Dr. James Whitfield, family medicine physician with St.Vincent Medical Group in Kokomo, recently passed away. He served the medical needs of his community for more than 35 years.

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