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Indiana Woman Gives Life to Fiancé – St.Vincent Transplant

WRTV6, The Denver Channel

An Indiana woman gave part of herself to her fiancé to improve his quality of life as their wedding nears. When Jeff Graham’s kidney started shutting down because of polycystic kidney disease, his fiancée, Donell Heberer Walton, made the decision to give him another chance at life after transplant surgeons at St.Vincent determined she was a match for a successful kidney donation. Dr. Alvin Wee and Dr. Islam Ghoneim, St.Vincent transplant surgeons, were interviewed about the selfless and life-saving act.

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Make-A-Wish Grants Young Girl’s Dream To Become A Doctor For A Day – Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St.Vincent

FOX-59, My Fox Chicago

Eight-year-old Cindy of Logansport, Ind., had her heartfelt wish granted to be an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist for a day on Wednesday, July 16, at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St.Vincent. On her wish day, Cindy became “Dr. Cindy” and stepped into the life of an ENT specialist. She visited with “patients,” reviewed X-rays, conducted experiments and spent quality time with the medical ENT team. Cindy’s doctor, Dr. Rhonda Hamaker, pediatric ENT specialist at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, was one of the specialists who helped bring Cindy’s wish come true. Dr. Hamaker was interviewed and featured on Fox-59 about granting Cindy’s wish.

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Check Up 13: $79 Tri-Vascular Screenings – St.Vincent Heart Center, St.Vincent Medical Group


This month’s Check Up 13 topic was on vascular disease. Dr. Richard Chitwood, vascular surgeon with St.Vincent Medical Group, provided education about the condition and treatment options available. St.Vincent offered $79 Tri-Vascular screenings for those who qualified.

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Hookah Smoking Popular Among Teens – St.Vincent Indianapolis

WIBC 93.1 FM,

A study published in the journal Pediatrics showed that one out of five high school seniors said they had smoked from a hookah, the water pipes that have been used for centuries in the Middle East. Dr. Michael Busk, pulmonologist, was interviewed about the myths around hookah that it is safer than cigarettes when users are still inhaling high levels of metals and cancer-causing chemicals.

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‘The Heroin Problem Is Everyone’s Problem’ – St.Vincent Indianapolis, St.Vincent Stress Center

The Indianapolis Recorder

Heroin was most popular in the 1960s and decreased its prominence in subsequent decades. However, the drug is making a return and is showing itself in high numbers in Indianapolis. Dr. Michael Kaufmann, medical director of EMS, StatFlight and critical care transport at St.Vincent Indianapolis, was interviewed about the increase in overdoses that are coming in through the St.Vincent emergency department. Sheila Mishler, executive director for the St.Vincent Stress Center and patient services, was interviewed about heroin addiction.

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New Concerns About Nursery Sound Machines – Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St.Vincent


Earlier this year, the journal Pediatrics published a study that stated sound machines around an infant for long periods of time can result in hearing loss. Audra Harker, audiologist, was interviewed on how loud, close and long a noise machine should be on around an infant.

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Pre-Workout Coffee Helps Burn Calories After A Workout – St.Vincent Sports Performance

WIBC 93.1 FM

A study published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism found that trained athletes who consumed caffeine pre-exercise burned about 15 percent more calories for three hours post-exercise. Dr. Tod Arnold, sports medicine physician, was interviewed on the new study.

Panel Discusses Concussions In Youth Sports – St.Vincent Sports Performance

WTHR-13, FOX-59

Some of the city’s leading experts on concussions came together in Indianapolis to share their knowledge. Dr. Patrick Kersey, sports medicine physician with St.Vincent Sports Performance and medical director for USA Football, was interviewed on concussions and the importance that parents know the right symptoms associated with a head injury.

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Local Nurse Wins Bedside Award – St.Vincent Anderson

The Herald Bulletin

Kathy Kindt, nurse at St.Vincent Anderson, has been recognized as a DAISY Award winner. The DAISY Award is an international program that recognizes bedside nurses. Nominations for the DAISY Award are accepted around the hospital’s campus at specially designated boxes.

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Overcoming Fear and Helplessness to Fight PTSD – St.Vincent Anderson

The Herald Bulletin

Beth Cox, a licensed psychiatric social worker from the Anderson Center at St.Vincent Anderson, explained in an article that post-traumatic stress disorder can happen to anyone after experiencing a traumatic event. Examples of these events include natural disasters, terrorism, domestic violence, rape, physical or sexual child abuse and even car accidents.

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Fredericksburg Man Back To Biking After Orthopedic Hand Surgery At St.Vincent – St.Vincent Salem, St.Vincent Medical Group

Salem Leader

Donald Criss is an avid motorcyclist and when he started having trouble gripping the handlebars on his bike he knew it was time to get it checked out. Dr. Waqar C. Aziz, orthopedic surgeon with St.Vincent Medical Group at St.Vincent Salem, performed successful surgery on Criss allowing him to get back to the things he enjoys most in life.

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CDL Changes Matter Of Safety – St.Vincent Dunn Hospital


Tricia Spoonmore and Karen Knight, nurse practitioners at St.Vincent Dunn Hospital, are now certified medical examiners for commercial drivers license (CDL) holders. Spoonmore explained that CDL drivers must meet guidelines regarding their ability to safely drive a commercial vehicle.

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