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BPA Coating Increasing Blood Pressure – St.Vincent Heart Center and St.Vincent Medical Group


Many people drink and eat food from cans and plastic bottles, but this may be having an impact on their health. A new study reports that cans and bottles lined with the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) could lead to increased blood pressure. According to the authors of the study, BPA exposure has been detected in more than 95 percent of the US population. Dr. Michael Ball, cardiologist at St.Vincent Heart Center with St.Vincent Medical Group, was interviewed about the study.

Health Rankings Released, Indiana Ranks in Same Spot As Last Year – St.Vincent Health, St.Vincent Women’s


The 2014 results of the annual America’s Health Rankings were released this week and Indiana ranks 41st for the second year in a row. In good news, Indiana’s strengths include high immunization coverage among teens and a low incidence of infectious disease. Binge drinking has dropped 6 percent and smoking has dropped 14 percent in the past two years. The percentage of children in poverty has also seen a 40 percent decline. However, the state continues to have high rates of obesity and physical inactivity. Dr. Michael Busk, system executive for the St.Vincent Wellness and Preventive Care Institute, was interviewed in-studio about the study and how long it can take to change lifestyle behavior in a state. Anna Busenburg, dietician at St.Vincent Women’s, was also interviewed about the lifestyle changes Hoosiers can make to combat the state’s high rate of obesity.

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Column: Focus On Safety Means Happy Patients –St.Vincent Fishers

Current in Noblesville

In a column written by Mary Webber, quality assurance manager and infection preventionist at St.Vincent Fishers, states that St.Vincent works hard to put their patients’ minds at ease when it comes to safety and quality. Webber went on to explain how the ministry is known as a High Reliability Organization and associates’ attention to detail and quality of care are reflected in high patient-satisfaction scores.

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How To Prevent Muscle Cramps – St.Vincent Sports Performance


Lindsay Langford, sports dietician at St.Vincent Sports Performance, was interviewed about custom hydration testing, and what can be done to help athletes replace the necessary nutrients they need that have been lost through sweat.

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St.Vincent Gives Away 17 Tons of Salt To Prevent Falls

WISH-8, FOX-59, Indianapolis Recorder

On Saturday, December 6, St.Vincent Indianapolis gave out thousands of bags of salt to raise awareness about and prevent injuries related to falling on ice. The Department of Public Works donated 17 tons of road salt for the annual Ice Breakers project. Volunteers bagged close to 7,000 bags. Dr. Marcus Hendry, emergency medicine physician, was interviewed about the importance of this project and the types of injuries the emergency department frequently sees in the winter due to falls on the ice.

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Marion County Health Assessment – Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St.Vincent


On Thursday, the Marion County Health Department released data and information on the health status of residents within Marion County founded through the most recent Health Assessment. Mandy Grella, licensed social worker at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St.Vincent, was interviewed about the high prevalence of mental health issues founded in the assessment.

Leadership Kokomo Honors Class of 2014- St.Joseph Kokomo

Kokomo Perspective

Fifteen community leaders in business, industry, higher education, city government, ministry and personal development were honored as Leadership Kokomo celebrated the completion of its 32nd edition of the annual leadership development program. A member of the Leadership Kokomo Class of 2014 is Mark Deckinga, pastoral care at St.Joseph Kokomo.

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