C.O.A.G. Clinic

Patients who take blood-thinning medications such as Coumadin (warfarin) should receive regular monitoring to ensure the medication is at a safe and therapeutic level. The St.Vincent Kokomo C.O.A.G. Clinic provides that service for hundreds of patients in Howard and the surrounding counties. Located on the main floor of St.Vincent Kokomo in the Cardiology department, we’re staffed by nurses and pharmacists with special expertise in monitoring and managing anti-coagulation medications. We’re open extended hours for the convenience of patients who work.

Utilizing the St.Vincent Kokomo C.O.A.G. Clinic is fast and easy. After the patient’s doctor sends us the order to treat the patient, we’ll call to schedule the first appointment. During that first visit, we'll talk to the patient about their individual situation, do a quick and nearly painless fingerstick to get a drop of blood for monitoring, and take all the steps necessary to ensure the patient’s medication is adjusted properly, including educating the patient about diet and lifestyle considerations that can impact levels. The first appointment typically takes about 45 minutes. Subsequent appointments are scheduled for 15 minutes each, ensuring patients are in and out quickly.

Taking anticoagulant medications is a bit more complicated than just taking a pill. Levels can be impacted by everything from food choices and over-the-counter medications, to illness and surgery. We’re here to help make sure anti-coagulation therapy is safe and effective, as well as to answer the questions that may come up over the course of your therapy.

For more information or to find out about our Home Monitoring option, call St.Vincent Kokomo C.O.A.G. Clinic at 765.456.5434.