Return-to-Work Therapy

Our return-to-work program, also known as industrial rehabilitation, is designed to help individuals return to their job after an injury or surgery. We strive to identify barriers to returning to work, and work with the patient to safely transition back into the workplace.


Aside from traditional physical/ occupational therapy, our services include:

  • Job-site analysis: Involves observation of workers in their work environment to identify and correct activities placing the worker at risk for injury
  • Work conditioning/work hardening: Involves therapy to improve strength, endurance, and overall tolerance to work activities. Individuals in this program participate in therapy for 2-4 hours/ day for 3-5 days/ week.
  • Functional capacity evaluations: A test to determine if an individual can return to their specific job or whether they can return to any level of work. This evaluation consists of multiple tests lasting 4 - 8 hours.


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