Foundation Priorities

Giving Priorities

The Foundation's giving priorities are aligned with future goals of the hospital, ensuring that monies donated to The Foundation are used to support critical medical services, resources and needs. Read below to discover our current giving priorities and learn how you can help.

Expanded Surgery Facility

Donations to the Foundation helped with the $27-million Surgery Pavilion, an investment in Madison County. The new surgical facility, opened in 2015, replaced the 1968 department in the medical center and the outpatient surgery center opened in 1985. Hospital Interim President Mike Schroyer said, "We’re proud of the surgical expertise we offer to the community." We have been five-star rated for joint replacement surgery three years in a row (2009-2011) by HealthGrades, the nation’s leading healthcare rating organization. The new facility, coupled with the expertise of medical staff, means St. Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital can provide more patient privacy and accommodate growing volumes and new technology, which requires bigger operating suites.

Dr. Kashif Abdul-Rahman (affectionately nicknamed Dr. Kash) said, "As an anesthesiologist, I am alongside patients throughout their entire surgery. The new Surgery Pavilion helps us improve patient care, safety and comfort." In addition to serving on the medical staff, Dr. Kash and wife Jamila made a generous major gift to support the Surgery Pavilion construction.

Children’s Clinic

Children, age 18 and younger, whose families do not have resources for health care find medical care at St.John’s Children’s Clinic at St.Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital. As a result of a survey identifying need for children’s care, the Children's Clinic opened in 1973 and provided 350 treatments. In 2011, 6,652 medical visits provided for kids underscore the great need for help for youngsters.

Small Boy Short of Breath, Serious Heart Condition Caught and Corrected
Some time ago, a St.John's Children's Clinic nurse received a call from a local school teacher. A small boy had recently entered her classroom as a new student. The teacher had become alarmed by the appearance of the boy. His lips and nail beds were blue at times. He became short of breath after minimal exertion, and often squatted rather than standing or sitting.

The teacher quickly called his mother who stated she had been told at the time of her son's birth that he had a defective heart. She had no insurance, and no ability to pay for medical care.

The teacher phoned the Clinic saying, "I know you will help them, and I know you will know what to do." The teacher accompanied the mother and the child to the Clinic where he received an immediate exam by the physician. He did indeed have a serious heart condition. Numerous phone calls were made in an effort to secure immediate medical care. He was referred to Peyton Manning Children's Hospital, where a dedicated team repaired his defective heart free of charge. He now can run and play as any other child his age, as he no longer is restricted by his defective heart.

9-month-old Baby Girl, Diagnosed and Returned to Health
Frantic, a mother of a 9-month-old baby girl called the St.John's Children’s Clinic, concerned that her baby weighed only 12 pounds. The young, new mother felt instinctively that something was terribly wrong, but did not know who to turn to and had no resources to pay for treatment. The Clinic medical staff immediately evaluated the baby and referred her to a specialist. The appropriate testing for the baby was completed. Today the baby is on the right track and is almost to the appropriate weight for her age. Her mother continues to keep regular appointments at the Clinic to monitor the baby’s growth. She is grateful that the Clinic staff took her concerns seriously, evaluated the baby, and provided the treatment she desperately needed.

On behalf of the thousands of other children, with few or no resources, who have benefited from the St.John's Children’s Clinic since 1973, THANK YOU!!!

Envelopes for making memorial and honorarium donations are available from the Information Center in the Main Lobby of the hospital. The donation envelope organizes all the information we need to send a gift acknowledgment.

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