The Day of Your Surgery

On the morning of your surgery, you may not eat or drink anything. Tobacco use is prohibited as well.

If you take cardiac, blood pressure or anti-seizure medication, you should take these in the morning unless otherwise instructed.

Take another shower with antibacterial soap. Clinical data provides evidence that patients who shower the evening before and the morning of their surgeries have a reduced risk of post-operative infections.

You will need to arrive two hours before your surgery is scheduled. Please go to ENTRANCE 5, where our valet parking service is available.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Leave all jewelry and valuables at home.

Bring with you:

  • Bring a list or the original bottles of the medications you take including prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and herbal supplements
  • If needed: Glasses, contact lenses, dentures, hearing aids and a case in which to place them
  • ID
  • Insurance card
  • Name and phone number of the person who will drive you home
  • Name and phone number of person who will stay with you after the surgery (if different from the person who will drive you home)
  • Advance Directive