Breast Products and Services

The Women’s Health Boutique has products for women who have undergone breast surgery as well as those who have not. We help you achieve a positive self-image by helping you look and feel better. Our retail stores are staffed by certified fitters who can help you:

  • Select the right mastectomy bra
  • Be fitted for a custom breast prosthesis
  • Simply find a better-fitting bra

After Surgery

Our post-breast surgery products and accessories include:

  • Breast prostheses, including custom-made prostheses
  • Mastectomy bras
  • Breast Products
  • Post-surgery bras
  • Post-surgery camisoles
  • Swim forms
  • Leisure forms

A prosthesis is an attachable breast form that can be worn for extended periods, even during exercise and swimming. A custom breast prosthesis is made from a cast of your chest wall.

Many products within the boutique are covered by Medicare and other insurance companies. For certain products, a prescription may be required for insurance coverage. The professionals at Women’s Health Boutique will help you determine your insurance benefits and file your claim for you.

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Personalized Bra Fitting

Eight out of ten women wear the wrong-sized bra. A personalized bra fitting can help if:

  • The back of your bra rides up
  • Your shoulder straps leave impressions
  • The straps fall off your shoulders
  • You experience pain in your shoulders, neck and back
  • Your breasts bulge out of the top of the cups or breast tissue is pushed under your arm
  • You need support but find under wires uncomfortable

For women who have not had breast surgery, our certified fitters can help find better-fitting bras. The certified fitters at the Women’s Health Boutique will teach you:

  • About proper fitting
  • How to correctly wear your bra to get proper support
  • How to select accessories that can enhance your breasts without surgery

The Women's Health Boutique is your place to find beautiful bras and the perfect fit, from sizes AA to J.

Pre- and Post-Breast Surgery Questions & Answers

What are my options after breast surgery?
You have three options:

  • Wearing an external breast form
  • External breast reconstruction
  • Surgical breast reconstruction

What can I wear after breast surgery?
The Women’s Health Boutique offers soft cotton undergarments. These garments contain no metal hooks or elastic bands, and the fiber-filled pockets offer you a more natural look.

What is a breast form?
A breast form is a breast prosthesis worn inside a bra to closely simulate the natural contours of your own breast.  Forms are made from silicone, foam or fiberfill.

Why is a weighted form necessary?
The form will balance the weight of the remaining breast and help you avoid shoulder, neck and back pain.

Why do I need to be custom-fitted for a breast form? There are hundreds of shapes and sizes of breast forms available.  Every woman, every surgery and every breast is different. Therefore, the fitting is highly individualized. Our certified mastectomy fitters are specially trained to help you find just the right form.

What do I wear when I swim?
Mastectomy swimsuits have pockets to hold the breast forms. Foam and silicone swim forms are designed to be worn in the hot tub, pool or ocean.

After breast surgery am I at risk for lymphedema?
You may be at risk if lymph node dissection or radiation is involved. It is important that you talk with your physician about lymphedema prevention, detection and treatment.

The Perfect Fitting Questions and Answers

How important can a bra be?
A bra can be the most important item of clothing a woman puts on in the morning because it provides her with needed support. In addition, a supportive and great fitting bra can enhance your appearance and your attitude. In some cases, having a properly fitted bra can make you look like you just lost 10 pounds.

Are my breasts doomed to sag?
Obviously you want to preserve the round shape and firmness of your breasts. Ligaments connect the breast to the muscles of the chest wall. These ligaments will lose elasticity with age, causing some sagging.

However, other factors can contribute to the sagging of your breasts such as pregnancy, hormone therapy, being overweight, sudden weight loss, going braless, wearing an incorrectly fitted bra or having naturally large breasts.

Can a poorly fitted bra lead to health problems?
Without proper support the ligaments connecting the breast to muscles in the chest wall can stretch. This leads to prolonged sagging. In some women, the nutrient-rich blood flow can be impeded. This causes an inefficient function of the lymphatic system, which carries toxic products from the breast.

Some women have experienced headaches, neck pain, back strain and indentations in their shoulders because the weight of the breast wasn’t properly distributed. With the right fit, you can enhance your attractiveness and comfort while avoiding ill effects on your health and wellbeing.