Breast Products and Services

The Women’s Health Boutique has products for women who are preparing for, or have undergone breast surgery. Our boutique is staffed by Certified Fitters who can help you:

  • Select the right mastectomy bra
  • Be fitted for a silicone, leisure, or custom breast prosthesis

After Surgery

Our post-breast surgery products and accessories include:

  • Post-surgical bras and camisoles that offer drain management
  • Breast prostheses, including custom-made prostheses
  • Silicone Equalizers designed to be worn  over remaining breast tissue after lumpectomy or during the reconstructive surgery process
  • Mastectomy bras
  • Breast Products
  • Swim forms
  • Leisure forms

Appointments are suggested for all Mastectomy fittings. To schedule your appointment with one of our Certified Fitters, please call 317-582-8080.

Many products within the boutique are covered by Medicare and other insurance companies. For certain products, a prescription may be required for insurance coverage. The professionals at Women’s Health Boutique will help you determine your insurance benefits and file your claim for you.

Pre- and Post-Breast Surgery Questions & Answers

What can I wear during the recovery period following my breast surgery?
The Women’s Health Boutique offers soft cotton undergarments which provide drain management if needed. These garments contain no metal hooks or elastic bands, and the fiber-filled pockets offer you a more natural look.

What is a breast form?
A breast form is a breast prosthesis worn inside a bra to closely simulate the natural contours of your own breast.  Forms are made from silicone, foam or fiberfill.

Why is a weighted form necessary?
The form will balance the weight of the remaining breast and help you avoid shoulder, neck and back pain.

Why do I need to be custom-fitted for a breast form? There are hundreds of shapes and sizes of breast forms available.  Every woman, every surgery and every breast is different. Therefore, the fitting is highly individualized. Our Certified Mastectomy Fitters are specially trained to help you find just the right form.

What do I wear when I swim?
Mastectomy swimsuits have pockets to hold the breast forms. Foam and silicone swim forms are designed to be worn in the hot tub, pool or ocean.

After breast surgery am I at risk for lymphedema?
You may be at risk if lymph node dissection or radiation is involved. It is important that you talk with your physician about lymphedema prevention, detection and treatment.