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Welcome to Bedford Indiana! Man-made and natural wonders make Lawrence County, Indiana known as the 'limestone capital of the world' and the center of Hoosier heartland.To the north of our area is Lake Monroe and to the south are Patoka Lake, Paoli Peaks and the French Lick-West Baden resort area. Intriguing limestone mills and quarries are surrounded by scenic hills and natural marvels.

The Limestone Capital of the World

Generations of southern Indiana men have lived in limestone houses, worshipped in limestone churches, dulled their hearing with the noise of limestone fabricating mills, filled their lungs with the gray, gritty dust and finally marked one another's grave with beautiful, art carved limestone markers. Yet, few residents in the heart of the stone belt realize the wealth and the beauty that the limestone industry has brought to Lawrence County.

The first person to realize the value of the stone in Lawrence County was Dr. Winthrope Foote, a native of Connecticut, born in 1787. He came to Lawrence County in 1816 and located at Palestine near White River. He later moved to Bedford when the people abandoned Palestine. He once predicted that limestone from the "Blue Hole" would someday be shipped to New York and all over the world. This prediction was before the railroad came as a means for transporting the stone. Although stone is shipped all over the world, the east is still the strongest market. A good example of early stonework is Dr. Foote's Tomb, a vault carved out of a huge bolder.

Some of the most famous buildings constructed with Indiana limestone are as follows: The Empire State Building in New York, the Tribune Tower in Chicago, the Pentagon and the National Cathedral in Washington DC. Thirty-five of the state capitol buildings are made of Indiana limestone and a varied number of other famous buildings throughout the country. Limestone has made a comeback from depression times and is recognized as a long lasting, durable product.