The BirthPlace Learning Center

The birthplace education program at St.Vincent Dunn is designed to prepare couples for childbirth and parenthood. We want to welcome families, encouraging involvement each step of the way. Our physicians care for our patients, one on one, and our nurses will continue this individual attention throughout your childbirth experience. Our programs will meet your educational needs during pregnancy and throughout your early parenthood phase.

The classes will assist you in learning about your options and help you make informed decisions about your childbirth experience. In addition, you will be more comfortable in caring for your newborn and be prepared to be a confident parent.

Childbirth Preparation and Infant Care Course

This is a 5 session course that prepares you and your partner for labor, delivery, and recovery. Our curriculum blends traditional class lectures with time on the floor breathing and learning massage techniques. Other covered topics include warning signals of pregnancy, signs and symptoms of labor, relaxation, medications, cesarean section and postpartum care.

tour of the BirthPlace’s labor and delivery suites with Jacuzzi tubs will also be completed. Time will be taken to fill out paperwork to ease and quicken the admission process. Our Baby care and feeding options class is also included.

Saturday Classes

An intense all day session on childbirth preparation. A tour and completion of admission paper work is included. Additional course on babycare and feeding options is recommended as these will only be covered as time permits.

Childbirth Prep Basket

This is a class-in-a-basket for those mothers who are on bed-rest or otherwise are unable to attend classes. The basket includes materials from childbirth preparation course and infant care course. Please call to order your basket around the 28-32 week appointment and we will deliver the basket to your doctor’s office.

Refresh Me Course

Join the childbirth preparation class for a review of relaxation and breathing techniques. This is a great way for experienced parents to learn what has changed since their last delivery. A tour of the BirthPlace’s labor and delivery suites with Jacuzzi tubs will also be completed. Time will be taken to fill out paperwork to ease and quicken the admission process.

Refresher kit: for those that would like the material from the refresher class. Please call to order.

Babycare and Feeding Options Class

Intended for the expectant parent, this class is designed to help new parents through the first weeks of care for their newborn. Topics include normal newborn characteristics, bathing, dressing, and safety issues. You are encouraged to bring your car seat as we will cover correct car seat installation. There is also discussion on breast and bottle feeding, with information provided for both feeding methods.

Breastfeeding Beginnings Class

This class will teach you the basics for nursing your infant through the first few weeks. Included in the lessons are first feedings, skin to skin, milk production, postitions, trouble shooting and how to deal with early problems. A Support person is welcome.

Breastfeeding Support Group

Come meet with other moms to discuss the struggles and joys of breastfeeding. We meet the third Thursday of every month beginning at 11am. Learn about pumping, milk storage, supplementing, and how and when to starting solids. Come and network with other moms and their babies!

Car Seat Safety

Learn the correct way to install your child’s seat. Class covers Infant carriers, how to adjust straps, when to upgrade to a convertible seat, and when it is safe to turn your infant to face forward position.

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