Affiliated Programs & Partners

When you choose St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana as your heart care provider, you’re also choosing a top-flight team of affiliated programs and partners dedicated to delivering the best heart care in Indiana, period.

St.Vincent Medical Group, MDs

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St.Vincent Medical Group is one of the largest cardiac, thoracic, and vascular surgical practices in the United States. As one of the nation’s leading centers for cardiothoracic and vascular care — performing more than 34,000 procedures annually — St.Vincent Medical Group is dedicated to providing high quality, compassionate care to patients with disorders of the heart, lungs, and circulatory system. And St.Vincent Medical Group surgeons possess the experience, expertise and qualities of caring to offer patients the greatest success to maintain or restore their cardiovascular health.

Many of St.Vincent Medical Group's procedures over the last four decades have been groundbreaking, with its surgeons performing more robotic cardiac and thoracic procedures than any program in the state. St.Vincent Medical Group’s innovative and skilled surgeons utilize sophisticated, continuously advancing technology.

St.Vincent Medical Group is one of the largest cardiothoracic and vascular surgical groups in United States with 27 physicians. The team includes 10 cardiothoracic surgeons, two thoracic surgeons, one pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon, 12 vascular surgeons, and two vascular interventional radiologists.

For more information, please call 1-800-821-6359 or find out more via St.Vincent Medical Group.

Women's Cardiac Risk Clinic

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Cardiovascular disease, including stroke, is the #1 cause of death among American women. It currently claims nearly 500,000 women’s lives each year. That’s more than the next seven causes of death combined, and nearly twice as many as all forms of cancer combined.

The Women’s Cardiac Risk Clinic (WCRC), located on the campus of St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana at 106th and North Meridian, is a cardiac wellness prevention clinic run by a team of cardiologists with the goal of preventing the development of heart disease in women. For more information on a Women’s Heart Assessment, please call 1-800-732-1484 or 317-338-6666 and ask for extension WCRC.

Also, as part of our ongoing commitment to women and the prevention of heart disease, St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana is very proud to be the presenting sponsor of the American Heart Association's Indianapolis Goes Red for Women annual campaign. Indianapolis Goes Red is part of Go Red for Women, a nationwide movement celebrating the energy, passion, and power women have to band together and wipe out heart disease. Love your heart today at St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana.

The Vascular Institute

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The Vascular Institute, located on the campus of St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana at 106th and North Meridian, provides specialized services in the diagnosis and treatment of peripheral vascular disease and other issues of veins, arteries, and circulation. The physicians at The Vascular Institute provide a comprehensive set of surgical and non-surgical procedures to repair blocked or damaged blood vessels.

For more information, please call 317-583-7900.

24/7 Heart Emergency Unit

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When a stroke or heart attack strikes, every second is crucial. The faster you act, the more likely you are to save a life and reduce potential damage to the heart. That’s why St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana’s emergency medical personnel are highly trained in immediate, onsite treatment of cardiac emergencies.

If the symptoms are mild, or you are unsure if there is a cardiac emergency, call 911 and go to the Heart Emergency Unit at St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana at 106th and North Meridian; the emergency room at St.Vincent Hospital on 86th Street; or the nearest hospital.

Our Heart Emergency Unit has earned a Five-Star Rating from HealthGrades: the highest possible rating for the treatment of heart attacks. Our cardiac team at St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana is prepared to treat emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week—and a cardiovascular specialist is in attendance around the clock.

We are a state-of-the-art facility specializing in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cardiovascular disease. Expert, professional staff and the most advanced technology available make St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana the clear choice in the event of an emergency. We’re also part of the Indiana Heart Attack Network (IHAN)—a statewide network of hospitals providing the highest level of care to heart attack patients in Indiana.

Sleep Center of Indiana

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Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a serious condition that can put your heart health at risk. With OSA, your upper airway collapses as many as 50 to 100 times an hour throughout the night, causing your breathing to stop. As your body struggles to breathe, you may awaken and not know it, leading to fatigue throughout the day.

Most significant, OSA prevents air from entering and exiting the lungs so your heart has to work harder, which can cause serious risks to your heart health. Located at St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana, the Sleep Center of Indiana provides diagnosis, advanced treatment, and expert follow-up care by cardiologists from St.Vincent Medical Group. The Sleep Center team is committed to working together to prevent further damage to the heart as a result of sleep disorders.

If you feel sleepy during the day, have trouble concentrating, snore or gasp for air when sleeping, wake up frequently during the night, or have morning headaches, you could be at risk. To find out more about the Sleep Center of Indiana, call 317-338-2152, or call toll-free at 800-972-7869.

Indiana Heart Attack Network

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The Indiana Heart Attack Network (IHAN) is a cooperative effort between St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana, St.Vincent Medical Group, and hospitals from around the state to provide the highest quality heart care to patients. Regardless of where an individual may live in Indiana, every hospital emergency department has immediate access to a board-certified interventional cardiologist with St.Vincent Medical Group located in Indianapolis.

This means that each hospital affiliated with IHAN is connected with St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana. When a patient arrives at a local hospital emergency room with a heart attack, that hospital may call St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana to have the patient quickly and efficiently transported to our facility for cardiovascular care.

Why is this important?

If a patient is having a heart attack, advanced cardiovascular care helps increase the chances of surviving. IHAN was formed three years ago out of a growing concern for heart attack patients and their families coming from rural hospitals that may not have access to the higher level of cardiovascular tertiary care. There was a shared vision among physicians and administration to create a program to get patients to St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana’s catheterization lab within 90 minutes from the time the patient first arrives at their local emergency room.

Time is heart muscle—and the sooner the cath lab team can open a blocked artery, the less damage will occur. Because St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana specializes in cardiac services, we are capable of providing assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week at both of our locations. It is crucial that the patient be transferred as soon as possible to a cardiac program such as St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana because many local hospitals have limited cardiac services and cath lab abilities.

Through IHAN, physicians, nurses, medics and other team members work together to provide education, share the treatment protocols on how to transfer a patient, and enhance coordination among everyone involved in emergency medical care of heart attack patients around the state.

For more information, please call 317-583-5356.