Indiana Heart Attack Network (IHAN)

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The Indiana Heart Attack Network (IHAN) combines our most experienced interventional cardiologists with our state-of-the-art facilities to provide the best treatment for patients with heart attack symptoms. It gives patients immediate access to our board-certified interventional cardiologists, who have provided care to thousands of patients.

IHAN provides better and faster cardiovascular health care to patients who have suffered from heart attacks. With established standardized assessment and treatment guidelines, we can network with outlying hospitals and emergency room physicians to provide prompt care for patients and their families. When a suspected heart attack patient is at an outlying emergency room, the attending physician can immediately contact the interventional cardiologist on duty in Indianapolis.

Together, the cardiologist and emergency room physician can determine if blocked or narrowed heart arteries need to be opened (angioplasty) and can immediately transfer the patient by ambulance or helicopter to a St.Vincent Heart Center facility.

Our communication with outlying facilities allows us to plan accordingly for an IHAN patient’s arrival. This preparation ensures that a team of healthcare providers is waiting at the door to provide immediate care for an incoming IHAN patient. The efficiency of our IHAN patient reception process is a critical component in the success of our care.

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