Suburban Health Organization Partner

“Supporting our hospitals. Our physicians. Their communities.” That’s Suburban Health Organization’s motto. And it’s a pretty good summary of why St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana is a part of this important partnership.

Suburban Health Organization (SHO) is a partnership of ten central Indiana hospitals working together to promote quality, efficiency, and patient access in the communities they serve. The group supports everything from quality initiatives and physician recruitment, to managed care contracting, and insurance initiatives. These strategic partnerships continue to do great things for patients throughout the state, and have been especially helpful to patients seeking only the best cardiovascular services.

Among them are our partnerships with Hancock Regional Hospital, Hendricks Regional Health, and Henry County Hospital. These partnerships give patients at these hospitals access to St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana physicians and services close to home in their communities. Advanced heart care offerings include:

And if their patients need additional care, they have immediate access to the state-of-the-art facilities at St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana.

Through our affiliation with Suburban Health Organization, Hancock Regional Hospital, Hendricks Regional Health, Henry County Hospital, and St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana have established cardiovascular standards of quality and patient safety. By working together and sharing information on best practices, we’re providing the best care for all of our patients.