Hyperhidrosis Procedures

Hyperhidrosis Procedures image

About two million Americans – roughly one percent of the population – are affected with a condition call hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. Hyperhidrosis can affect the hands, face, underarms, thighs, and other areas of the body.

The condition can be embarrassing. It can cause problems for tasks as simple as shaking hands or holding a pen. In the past, correcting the hyperhidrosis required surgery and a significant recovery period. But now Dr. Richard Freeman, Director of Thoracic Surgery at St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana, has pioneered a minimally invasive procedure offering a lifelong cure.

Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Sympathectomy (VATS) is an outpatient procedure that offers a permanent solution to hyperhidrosis with less pain, less scarring, and a shorter recovery time. The procedure employs a tiny camera and a cauterizing device to burn the nerve endings that cause the excessive sweating. While the surgery requires a general anesthetic, today’s technique is less invasive, requiring only two five–millimeter incisions on either side of the chest and a much shorter recovery time.

For more clinical information regarding hyperhidrosis treatment, contact Dr. Richard Freeman at (317) 583-7600.