Pediatric Hospice


The Pediatric Hospice team includes physicians, nurses, social workers, clergy, and highly trained volunteers who work closely with the family. The medical director advises the team and works with the physicians. These caregivers choose to work with children who are facing death and their families and have received special training to do so. The physicians, nurses, and medical director have extensive pediatric clinical experience.

Hospice Experience

The team develops a plan to help families care for the child, and provides practical and emotional support to the family. Sometimes that means going out the grocery store or running errands. Other times, it means listening, sharing memories of happy times, or simply talking about the anticipated loss.

The life expectancy of a hospice patient can be months, weeks, or days. The child's doctor makes this diagnosis. When the family chooses to care for the child at home, the Hospice team works closely with the family and physician.

Rod Fasone Pediatric Hospice

If there are circumstances that prevent home hospice care, an admission to the Rod Fasone Pediatric Hospice may be appropriate. The Rod Fasone Pediatric Hospice is located at the St.Vincent Pediatric Rehabilitation Center and offers many of the comforts of home, including:

  • Complete kitchen and family bath
  • Chapel
  • Resource center
  • Courtyard
  • Walking paths

Patients may receive visits from family and friends 24 hours a day, and children and pets are welcome guests.