Sleep Disorders Services

St.Vincent Sleep Disorders Centers are accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. We specialize in providing comprehensive evaluation and treatment for people suffering from sleep disorders.  Our team of physicians are board-certified in sleep medicine and have extensive clinical and research experience in sleep disorders.

Our services include:

Physician Consultations – Our Board-Certified Sleep Specialists are available to evaluate and treat all types of sleep disorders. An office visit can be scheduled to determine if a sleep study is needed or to discuss treatment options after the study is completed. Our physicians also provide CPAP follow-ups and ongoing support.

Sleep Studies – We provide testing for all sleep disorders with state of the art equipment and experienced, credentialed clinical staff. We provide a hotel-like environment with convenient locations to better serve our patients.

CPAP Supplies – St. John’s Medical Supplies are on-site to provide education and equipment for all your CPAP needs. Respiratory Therapists are always available to assist with mask problems or other machine issues. Appointments are appreciated, but walk-ins are welcome.