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The licensed clinicians of St.Vincent Rehabilitation Therapies provide compassionate, state-of-the-art care. The St.Vincent pledge of the "spirit of caring" underlies the motivations of all of our professionals.

For more information on our therapies, or to schedule an appointment, call us at:

Adult Therapies - (317) 338-LIVE (5483)

Pediatric Therapies - (317) 338-GROW (4769)

St.Vincent Physical Therapy receives FOTO Outcomes Excellence Award

At St.Vincent Physical Therapy, we are pleased to announce that we have once again received Certificates of Outcomes Excellence from Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes, Inc. (FOTO), a national performance measurement and benchmarking organization.

The FOTO Outcomes Excellence Award is given to providers who exceed the FOTO national benchmark (increase in patients’ functional level) each quarter for the previous 12 months. FOTO is the nation’s largest database for physical and occupational therapy outcomes. FOTO provides us with standard methods for collection and reporting the quality of our care and the level of improvement in our patients.

What does this mean for our patients? It means that when you receive treatment from St.Vincent Physical Therapy, you are receiving treatment that has documented effectiveness and efficiency.

  1. Obtain a prescription from your physician

    The prescription should include:

    • Name of the person who is to receive therapy
    • Diagnosis
    • Physician's instructions (for example, "evaluate and treat")
    • Service ordered (for example, physical therapy)
    • Physician's signature and date (stamps are not acceptable.)

    Some procedures need to be specifically designated on the prescription, such as those that involve durable medical goods and administering medications. Your physician may know more about these or can call.

  2. Call to schedule an appointment
    Call our Rehab Centralized Scheduling department at (317) 338-LIVE (5483) to schedule your first appointment. (Call 338-GROW for pediatric therapies.) We will schedule you at a location that is convenient to your home or work. To find a facility near you, click here. Your first appointment will include an evaluation of your condition, an initial treatment, as well as registration. The first appointment typically takes one hour and 15 minutes.

  3. Insurance coverage
    Contact your insurance company concerning pre-certification, if needed.

  4. Clothing
    Come to your first therapy appointment wearing comfortable, appropriate clothing. For example, if we are going to look at your knees, please bring or wear shorts.

  5. Location of prescription
    Make sure your prescription is at our office for your first appointment. It can be faxed from the physician, mailed, or hand-carried by you.

  6. What to bring
    Bring your insurance card, any pre-certification information that you received, a list of all medications you currently take, and a photo ID. For registration and billing purposes, we will need to ask you for your home and work information, your spouse's information, and /or a next-of-kin or emergency contact person information.

  7. Questions
    Please call with any questions. We will be happy to help you attend therapy as easily as possible.

  8. Secondary Appointments
    After your first appointment, we will schedule following appointments as needed.

St.Vincent provides rehabilitation services at over 30 locations throughout metropolitan Indianapolis and central Indiana.

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  • Pediatric Therapies
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