Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-language pathologists evaluate and treat pediatric and adult patients with communication and swallowing disorders.

Service and Common Diagnoses

Articulation and Language Disorders

Articulation and language disorders include developmental delay, auditory processing, cleft palate and Down Syndrome.

Stuttering Disorders

Stuttering disorder treatment is available for pediatric and adult patients.

Voice disorders / Videostroboscopy

A wide variety of vocal problems are evaluated and treated by the speech pathologists. Videostroboscopy (videotaped evaluation of the larynx) may be completed to further evaluate voice problems such as vocal nodules, vocal polyps, and vocal cord paralysis, and also treatment and care of the professional voice.


(from Cancer of the larynx)

Rehabilitation of the laryngectomy patient is available, including voice prosthesis evaluation and placement.

Neurological Speech-Language Disorders

Speech-language disorders associated with stroke, brain tumors, traumatic brain injury and progressive neurological disorders are treated. Symptoms addressed include aphasia, dysarthria, apraxia and cognitive communication deficits.

Swallowing Disorders

Swallowing disorders occur in adults and children. Adults are evaluated by use of a three-phase esophagram (an X-ray procedure) and then treated with diet modifications, swallowing compensations, and oral, pharyngeal and laryngeal exercises. Pediatric evaluations include the three-phase esophagram and/or a clinical feeding evaluation. Treatment involves oral stimulation and exercises, diet modifications, swallowing compensations and family education.

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