Annual Conference on Aging

25th Annual Conference on Aging:
Strategic Decisions in Older Adult Care

CHA Conference BrochureMarch 14, 2014

Welcome to our 25th annual educational conference intended for professionals from multiple disciplines who provide care for older adults. Whether you are the physician, the nurse, the nursing home administrator, the social worker… at whatever point in the journey of your older adult patient/client, do you know your role in the decision making process? Do you realize the impact and extent of the many options your patient needs to be aware of on a day to day basis?

We will explore some medical options from new treatment for aortic valve stenosis and a new type of hearing aids, to advice on nutritional supplements, to when your stable dementia patient can come off their antipsychotic medications. As an innovative way to look at the multidisciplinary aspects of care—the social, psychological, and functional areas—we will have the unique opportunity to view the premiere of a poignant film from the Heartland Film Festival, Nine to Ninety. This will lead to discourse about caregiving, accessing resources for your patients when you don’t have the time or the understanding of their complete needs, and how the changing healthcare system might affect this process. As always, our goal is to bring new and topical information and to energize your ongoing devotion to care of your older adult patients.

Conference Objectives

  • Discuss the importance of interdisciplinary care
  • Realize the necessity of the caregiver being part of the treatment team
  • Identify three new treatment options for older adult care

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Conference Presentations

For questions or more information about the upcoming conference, please call the Center for Healthy Aging at (317) 338-7780.