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Veteran’s Choice – For Veterans, our program includes coordinated care between the Roudebush VA, in Indianapolis and the St.Vincent Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Team. To learn more about all Veteran Choice health options click here.

Transplant Outreach Clinics -- In Richmond and Portage, IN, transplant consultation appointments are available; call 1-866-810-2449.

Advantages of kidney transplantation: Medical studies consistently show that kidney transplantation results in the best outcomes and greater quality of life. Two things set St. Vincent’s transplant program apart from the 239 other transplant programs in the U.S. First, shortest wait times on average in Indiana and one of the shortest in the U.S. Second, this program has a strong program and alliance with the Cleveland Clinic. Both institutions share the same patient values and always put patients first.

What to expect: No two patients are the same and each has unique needs. We focus on patient-centered care and know them by name, like family.   

Patient outcomes:  Kidney and pancreas transplant outcomes are reported publicly at St. Vincent’s transplant center continues to achieve excellent results and outcomes across all parameters that are being measured. 

What Makes St.Vincent Different?

Dr. Wee on What Makes St. Vincent Different

Alvin C. Wee, MD

Program and Surgical Director, Adult and Pediatrics

Dr. Alvin Wee describes the two main aspects that set the St.Vincent Kindey and Pancreas Transplant program apart from other medical facilities, one of which is a shorter waiting time on average.

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Abdul Moiz

Abdul Moiz, MD

Medical Director and Transplant Nephrologist

“The Kidney Transplant Team at St. Vincent Hospital is fully committed to educate and guide patients through each and every step of transplantation. Short waiting times, brief hospital stays and excellent outcomes make us truly unique in the state of Indiana."

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Ghoneim, Islam

Islam A. Ghoneim, MD, PhD

Attending Transplant Surgeon, Adult and Pediatrics

"Transplant works because we stop the body’s immune system with novel medications from destroying the new kidney. Our focus is quality of life, and our multidisciplinary approach, so many more adults and children are healthier because they received a transplant.”

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At St.Vincent, our Renal Transplant Team is focused on getting the patient back to living a healthy, normal life as quickly as possible. Accomplishing that requires a multi-disciplinary transplant team committed to post-operative care, which includes therapy, counseling, dietary, pharmacy, financial services, and other services designed to ensure a smooth and speedy recovery. 

Who is a candidate?

Kidney transplant candidates are patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) who want to avoid long-term dialysis. Often patients with CKD have diabetes and/or high blood pressure. The kidney-pancreas transplant candidate may be a Type 1 diabetic patient with CKD.

We also provide transplant services to children with chronic kidney disease and consult with individuals who have rare kidney diseases. 

At St. Vincent, our patients benefit from a dynamic transplant program that continues to have the shortest wait time. As a member of the Indiana Donor Network, St. Vincent assists both adult and pediatric transplant patients with significantly more options and opportunities. The team advocates for the transplant recipient to be on more than one waitlist within a different organ procurement (OP) region. 

To request a consult, call 317-338-6701 to talk to our Transplant Coordinator.

St. Vincent offers unique options for patients with complex cases management, such as: 

  • The older recipient population (age 60 and older) with CKD
  • Patients with multiple complications due to diabetes
  • Persons who are overweight (based on a BMI up to 42). Our program assists these patients through a medically supervised weight management protocol so they can be “listed for transplant” once they reach a goal weight of 40 BMI.


Since 2009, St. Vincent’s alliance with the Cleveland Clinic Glickman Urological & Kidney Institute has benefited our patients in many ways. The transplant surgeons and transplant nephrologist at St.Vincent are Cleveland Clinic physicians and work exclusively for St.Vincent Transplant Services. Cleveland Clinic was among the first sites to do kidney transplants in 1963. Today, St.Vincent Transplant Services is one of the most successful kidney transplant programs in the Midwest with the shortest wait times.

Strong kidney and pancreas organ donor optimization protocol

Over the years, St.Vincent has developed a fine-tuned organ donor protocol which means we can give our patients greater access to a well-matched transplant organ. We have a strong relationship with the National Kidney Registry and the United Network of Organ Sharing Paired Donation Registry. This collaboration has enabled us to perform living donor transplants that otherwise would not have occurred. In the Paired Kidney Exchange Program, an incompatible donor’s kidney is procured in Indianapolis at St.Vincent and transported to a matching recipient elsewhere in the United States. In return, St.Vincent receives a better-suited organ (regardless of where is it procured in the U.S.).

Finding a Living Donor

Living donors may include a family member, friend, or even a complete stranger. Over the years, transplant has evolved to include processes that expand our living donor pool.

At St.Vincent, nearly all living donor nephrectomies are performed laparoscopically, with minimally invasive surgical techniques, which improve the overall recovery time for the living donor. To learn more about the criteria for being a living organ donor click here.

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