Previous Winners.

Past Spirit of Sport Winners

  • 2012 Spirit of Sport Award Winners

    • Service of the Poor: Dillon Welch

      Dillon Welch has been nominated for the Service of the Poor Award by Tim Drudge. Dillon's work within his community is the reason he has received this nomination.

      Dillon has been training and working with the staff at St.Vincent Sport Performance since he was 10 years old, part of his preparation to further his career in racing. Although he is only 18 and about to enter Ball State University in the fall of 2012, Dillon has proven to have maturity and compassion for others, well beyond his years. He has always placed his faith at the forefront of his life. It is that emphasis on faith that has prompted him to give back to those less fortunate than him and those that may be facing adversity in their lives.

      One example of Dillon's philanthropic nature is his creation of the Racing for Wings program, benefitting Sheltering Wings, a Danville, IN facility that provides housing, counseling and more to women and children who have been victims of domestic violence. Dillon's focus with Racing for Wings is educating students on "bullying" recognition, prevention and the adverse effects bullying has on its victims. In addition to Racing for Wings, Dillon's Bowling with the Stars event donates several thousand dollars to the Alzheimer's Association of Greater Indianapolis.

    • Reverence: Seth Ireland

      Seth Ireland has been nominated for the Robert E. Cravens Reverence Award by Jay Clifton. Seth's involvement with the Hamilton Heights athletic teams has earned him this nomination.

      Seth is the go-to-guy for the Husky faithful. This talented young man is always analyzing situations and constantly making improvements as needed. While he is extremely busy, he is never in a rush; always calm and controlled with his manner. Quoting a HHHS Staff member," Seth sees a need and quietly gets organized, taking care of most things himself."

      Seth's activities include: orchestrating the HHHS recycling program throughout the building, officer of the Spanish Club, teaching swim lessons and life guarding for the elementary and middle school swim club, stepping in as the 'big girl' during the Girls' Basketball Practice for the Varsity to experience the competition's 6 + footer, weeding the infield of the softball diamond and dragging the field after a surprise storm so the team could play, and fixing a broken fan belt with athletic tape to make certain the locker room would be cool.

      Additionally, he has assumed the role as Officer for the entire student body and acts as the liaison between students and administration. As the Student Athletic Trainer, he assists with taping, functional rehabilitation, and stretching of student- athletes to help them promptly get to practice and events. Most importantly, the student-athletes, coaches, and even parents recognize his competency and trust his care.

    • Integrity: Ott Hurrle

      Ott Hurrle has been nominated for the Integrity Award by Jason Kehrer. He has been nominated for his successful career as Head Coach of the Scecina Football Team, and the integrity he always displays.

      Scecina is proud to nominate Ott Hurrle for the Integrity Award. Coach Hurrle has coached the Scecina High School Football Team for 34 years, 20 years as the head coach. He has even turned down other offers at seemingly more high-profile jobs to remain at his alma mater.

      The thousands of students he has impacted in his teaching and coaching are led by the football players he has led to 6 Sectional, 5 Regional, 3 Semi- State, and 2 State Championships. More importantly, though, is the lifelong lessons Coach Hurrle inculcates. He does not waver from the lessons of solid character, honest effort, and positive sportsmanship. He is not one to run up the score on an opponent, even when there has been opportunity. He leads by the school motto of our namesake Fr. Thomas Scecina himself: "Give that little extra." Coach Hurrle does that for his school, for his players, for his students, and for his fellow man.

      If someone is in need, he is the first to organize any help required. He unselfishly performs service acts alongside his players, and his leadership by word and action is incredible. Perhaps the true testament is that of 17 assistant coaches and football staff members, 16 are former players for Coach Hurrle. These former players believe so strongly in his example they want to give back to future Crusaders what Coach Hurrle has done for them.

    • Wisdom: Cole Toner

      Cole Toner has been nominated for the Wisdom Award by David Toner. He has been nominated for his athletic and academic accomplishments at Roncalli High School and for his leadership skills.

      Cole has been a dedicated student while at Roncalli, maintaining a GPA of 4.3 and receiving a total score of 34 on his ACT, with a perfect score of 36 on the Math portion. He is also a National Merit Scholar, recognizing his accomplishments as the top 3% of all seniors in the United States. Among other academic honors, he has been selected the 2011-12 NFLPA Professional Athletes Foundation Student Scholar and both a 2011-12 football and basketball Academic All-Star by the Kiwanis Club of Indianapolis. He has also been awarded the 2012 Indiana Football Hall of Fame Class 4A Scholarship.

      Cole also excels on the court and field. He has been the Team Captain of the Varsity Football and Basketball teams. He was named Football Junior All-State in 2010 and 2011 Indiana Football Digest Preseason Top 25, 2011 IFCA Academic All-State, and 2011 Class 4A Football First Team All-State. This summer he has been selected to play in the IFCA North-South All-Star Game.

      In addition to his academic and athletic success, Cole is thoroughly involved within his community. He has involved himself in service to the elderly and poor throughout high school, including St. Vincent de Paul, Knights of Columbus, St. Paul Hermitage, and RHS annual blood and canned food drives.

      Cole is a strong, positive, and visible leader in his school's halls, classrooms, and on his school's athletic teams. This accomplished scholar and athlete will attend Harvard University in the fall and play football for the Crimson.

    • Creativity: Alex Carson

      Alex Carson has been nominated for the Creativity Award by Maddie MacAllister. He was nominated for his creative enthusiasm towards University High School Athletics.

      Anyone who would look into the stands during a University High School Boys' Basketball game and see Alex "Crash" Carson would never believe that during his freshman year, he was a disgruntled teenager, unhappy at UHS, and by years end would probably transfer. However, something changed for Alex and he decided to stay. Thus, the culture of University High School, especially in athletics, has changed in such a positive way in the years that have followed.

      Alex Carson has always been involved in athletics at UHS: running cross-country, playing JV basketball, and baseball. However, throughout the years he turned his focus to just playing baseball. When he was not on the baseball field, he began realizing that he had a drive to be in the stands cheering on his fellow Blazers, and encouraging others to do the same. Soon he began taking stats for the Boys' Basketball Team. He tracked, scouted, and reported to the coaching staff the outcomes of nearly all the 1A competitors. At any given time, this young man could cite the leading standouts during the IHSAA basketball season. Most importantly, that this was done on his own. He was not paid, nor asked by the staff to do it. He saw the need and did it. This was only the beginning.

      Alex began to form the "Blaze Craze," the school's student spirit section. He organized the student body via social networking, selling tournament tickets, organizing tailgates before soccer games, and even personally contacting sports directors to encourage them to attend games. If this was not enough, he dove into the world of cinematography by way of creating a pregame lightshow during men's basketball.

    • Dedication: Max VanVliet

      Max VanVliet has been nominated for the Dedication Award by Mike Ford. He has been nominated for his ability to inspire the Bishop Chatard Varsity Football Team by overcoming injury.

      Max VanVliet has been an inspirational young man to be around. His very athletic nature has been severely challenged while sustaining two significant knee injuries that ended his sophomore and junior football seasons. Both of these injuries were tremendous obstacles for him to deal with, but he dealt with them with determination and grace that not many could.

      He never outwardly complained, but rather worked meticulously to re-join his teammates and contribute to their efforts. His willpower paid off in one of the most successful and productive years a player has experienced at Bishop Chatard High School. He not only led the team to a State Championship, but also broke several long-standing Quarterback records for BCHS. His unwavering attitude not only brought him back from the injuries, but also truly showed his team the way to succeed is by not giving up when it is truly difficult to go forward.

    • Spirit of Sport: Tory Herrmann

      Tory Herrmann has been nominated for the Spirit of Sport Award by Alicia Lysiuk and Chris Harmon. Victoria has been nominated for this award for emulating all six Core Values of St.Vincent.

      Tory has been a dedicated soccer player for Lawrence Central High School for the last four years. She served as Team Captain her junior and senior year. Despite a fractured pelvis from a car accident her sophomore year, Tory still attended team functions, supported her team from the bench, and worked tirelessly to return to the playing field in time for the State Tournament. Her achievements on the soccer field never went unrecognized. She earned The Indianapolis Star Marion County Player of the Year, The Indianapolis Star Super Team, and represented Lawrence Central for Conference Indiana.

      Tory will graduate 14th in her class among 606 students. Her GPA is a 4.3 and she earned a 26 on the ACT and 1880 on the SAT. She is a member of Student Government, a journalist on the Yearbook Staff and was inducted into the Quill and Scrolls Honors Society for Journalism. In addition, she is the Manager of the Perk Café, a school-run business. For the 2011-2012 school year she was nominated for the Athlete of Character. As AOC, she serves as an ambassador for Lawrence Central and serves as a mentor and role model to younger students and athletes.

      Tory is also an active member with Holy Spirit at Geist Catholic Church and serves as a Life Teen.

    • Defining Sports Performance: The High Performance Workshops of USA Track & Field

      USA Track & Field Sport Performance Workshop program has been nominated for the Defining Sports Performance Award by Ralph Reiff for its contributions to advancing elite athlete development and performance.

      Robert Chapman, Associate Director of Sports Science and Medicine of USATF, and Benita Fitzgerald Mosley, Chief of Sports Performance of USATF have spearheaded this innovative program.

      USATF's Sports Performance Workshops are designed to utilize sports science resources in an applied manner to help coaches and athletes enhance performance and optimize training. Sports Performance Workshops feature individualized, on-track interactive experiences for athletes and coaches, with USATF's network of sports science and medicine professionals. Assembled within this comprehensive lineup of experts are physicians and associates of St.Vincent Sports Performance. Dr. Todd Arnold leads up this effort for SVSP, traveling to over 30 Performance Workshops throughout the course of the year.

      By trimming mere fractions of seconds off their time, or adding inches to jumps or throws, this Sport Performance Program is making the difference between medaling and missing the podium.

      This innovative model is unrivaled in all of sport. The USA Track & Field High Performance Program is truly raising the bar on athlete development and performance.

    • Trinity Dove: Dan Wheldon

      Dan Wheldon has been nominated for the Trinity Dove Award by the Spirit of Sport Committee for his unwavering support and dedication to St Vincent Sports Performance, the sports performance industry and the Spirit of Sport Awards.

      Dan was the very first professional athlete to select SVSP as his training and medical provider, in the Spring of 2002. Having been a longtime partner and friend to St.Vincent Sports Performance and St.Vincent Indianapolis Hospital, Dan was a Spirit of Sport presenter on several occasions, always bringing an energy and enthusiasm for the athletes who shared his same values and commitment to excellence.

      From daily training at SVSP, to his annual helmet design contest with Peyton Manning Children's Hospital, Dan's unwavering commitment to improvement, optimism, and support for others who were pushing through their own barriers was always accompanied by his signature smile.

      He challenged the SVSP staff to be innovative in developing driver specific training programs. Dan was instrumental in the entry of SVSP deeper into the motorsports industry. He consistently recommended SVSP to team owners, drivers and crew members.

      Over the span of his IndyCar career, Dan was the 2005 IndyCar Series Champion, and a two-time winner of the Indianapolis 500.

      Since Dan's passing, his memory has continued to live on through numerous charitable events and contributions, including memorials, races, and a dedicated patient room at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital. Through Dan's actions, events and contributions, Dan's enthusiasm, character and will to win lives on through every one of the St.Vincent associates, clients, and patients he encountered.

  • 2011 Spirit of Sport Award Winners

    • Service of the Poor: Brebeuf Jesuit Women's Soccer Team

      Brebeuf Jesuit Women's Soccer Team

      Brebeuf Jesuit Women’s Soccer Team has been nominated for the Service of the Poor Award by Coach Gary Yohe. The team has been nominated for their work in the village of Niamsansan in Mali, Africa.

      The village of Niamsansan had not had a visitor from outside of Mali in over 100 years. They have nothing: no water, school, or electricity. The girls of the Brebeuf soccer team have a strong desire to help underserved, impoverished communities and they wanted to reduce inequity. Due to the lack of safe drinking water, which leads to hunger and disease, they chose to bring water to this community. This would prevent the villagers of Niamsansan from walking seven miles each way to get a pail of water.

      The girls each bought t-shirts and wore them to warm up before games, to promote t-shirt sales. They sold the t-shirts at concessions at all of their games. The girls helped raise enough money to actually dig a well in the village and provide solar powered water. The BJGS team also collected gently used items like clothing, shoes and toothbrushes. They collected enough to ship an entire container to Mali to distribute to the villagers. Many, for the first time, had shoes to wear.

      Since the first trip, these girls have gone back and began to plan other visits where they will bring reinforcements to help nourish the village. Many of the girls are holding down after school jobs to help pay for their way to Mali. These girls will be giving their love, sweat and tears to help the impoverished people of this village receive just the most basic things.

    • Reverence: Matt Marske

      Matt Marske

      Matt Marske has been nominated for the Dr. Robert E. Cravens Memorial Award by Guerin Catholic High School Men’s Basketball Coach, Pete Smith. He was nominated for his selfless heart and willingness to provide for the team at Guerin Catholic.

      According to Guerin Men’s Basketball Head Coach, no manager of an athletic team has cared so much about their school, coaches, and group of guys on the basketball team like Matt has. Matt stretched daily with the team before practice, and sat with the captains on the bus. Matt was always there.

      The glory-less job of being a team manager was an important position in Matt’s eyes. The team would not have been 31-20 and as successful over the past two seasons at the varsity level without Matt’s talents. He was organized, passionate, and focused on making sure the team had everything they needed to play and win.

      Matt would set up the gym for practice, wash uniforms, pull out and push in the bleachers, record stats, pack equipment and keep count of it, help in drills, help organize and teach in summer camps and so much more. The team was completely supportive and appreciative of Matt, realizing how important his efforts were.

      At the end of the day, there are no fruits to bear for a student manager. No one comes to watch them and no one reads about them in the paper. Matt did what he did for the love of the game, his school, and his teammates. On game nights, Matt had all the preparation work done before tipoff.

    • Integrity: John Creighton

      John Creighton

      John Creighton has been nominated for the Integrity Award by Scott Miller, parent of Josh Miller, student at Covenant Christian High School. Through John’s ability to nurture and grow young people in mind, body and spirit, the sports programs he touched were successful in a multitude of ways.

      John’s passion has never really been about soccer and sports, but about developing relationships with student-athletes in school. Through Coach Creighton’s leadership, the Covenant Christian Soccer Program developed an impressive winning record over the past 10 years.

      In his spare time, he coached club soccer programs for the past seven years. During his summer vacation, John helped to organize and lead soccer mission trips to Brazil, taking a group of athletes and immersing them in a culture drastically different than they are accustom to. Many who took these trips described them as “life changing,” as it allowed them to grow through sharing their faith and talent with the less fortunate.

      Integrity is a word that really best describes Coach Creighton as it defines the way he lives his life. Attitude, sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and personal witness were more important than points on the board any day of the week. When Josh Miller tried out for the soccer team his freshman year, he could barely run two miles and his soccer skills were not his strong point. What was important to Coach Creighton was that Josh came to do his best, and that he was a young man faced with all the fears and uncertainties of starting high school and growing into an adult. This, in-turn inspired other players to give their best and to show humility for those not so blessed with natural talents.

    • Wisdom: Nicole Gentry

      Nicole Gentry

      Nicole Gentry has been nominated for the Wisdom Award by Lawrence North High School Tennis Coach, Brad Cangany, and Head Athletic Trainer, Sherry Molinar Manzelli. Nicole has been nominated for her selfless leadership both in the classroom and on the court.

      Nicole has a GPA of 4.4 and is ranked 21 of 535 students in her class. She is a member of the National Technical Honor Society, and went on an Advanced Placement trip to England, Scotland and Ireland. She is a member of both the volleyball and tennis teams at Lawrence North, earning three varsity letters in volleyball and four in tennis. She has been a major contributor to both teams as both a player and a leader. She is the co-captain for both teams and her teammates eagerly follow her example of hard work and dedication. She was selected as a Student Athlete of Character, which is a prestigious township-level award.

      Nicole is active in her church youth group, volunteers at Community North Hospital, and is on the Principal’s Advisory Council. She is also a member of Tri-Hi-Y where she helped with Dance Marathon, and is part of the PeeRS Project, which advocated abstaining from drugs, sex and alcohol. There is not a self-serving bone in her body.

      She has a positive nature about her, and always seems to enjoy herself during practice and games. She is receptive to feedback, and readily makes adjustments. She also has developed a healthy sense of perspective, and no matter how hard she plays, she knows it is only a game and is able to put disappointments behind her.

    • Creativity: Hamilton Heights High School Men's & Women's Swim Teams

      Hamilton Heights

      The Hamilton Heights Men’s and Women’s Swim Teams have been nominated for the Creativity Award by Hamilton Heights Athletics. They were nominated for their community service and dedication to greatness.

      Making the community better and building better people in the process could be the motto of the Hamilton Heights Men’s and Women’s Swimming Program. Practicing, competing, dry land training and volunteering to take care of community needs are all completed together, both teams coming together into one stronger unit. Yes, they are successful in the pool with conference titles and state meets, but more importantly is the community service assumed by all involved.

      Driven by the coaching staff to be more than average, the valuable lessons of being a man or woman of character are repeated in the Hamilton Heights pool and in the many activities of this group. In the past three years alone, over 8,000 individual toys were taken to the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital. They have raised over $1,000 for Race for the Cure. This Christmas the athletes took on the responsibility of providing for three families burdened by HIV. They have a monetary donation, gift donations of basic needs from bedspreads to fun items.

      For the Hamilton Heights High School community, the teams support the Athletic Booster Clubs Morse Mini Race, the major fundraising even that helps all programs of the school. They have manned water stops for the Cicero Triathlon, representing the school and club teams.

    • Dedication: Andrew Anderson

      Andrew Anderson

      Andrew Anderson has been nominated for the Dedication Award by the football staff at Lawrence Central High School. Despite losing his parents at a young age, Andrew has persevered and has become a role model to his fellow student athletes.

      During Andrew’s high school career he has been a leader to his teammates both on and off the football field. He motivated his fellow team members on the importance of good schoolwork, which has been exemplified by his stellar GPA. Andrew is a genuinely good kid that will not allow anything to stop him from being successful.

      After his junior year in football, Andrew set a goal to be the starting wide receiver. His determination showed in the intensity and leadership he displayed in all the winter and spring workouts. Andrew is not a boisterous leader but his desire to be successful greatly influenced teammates, especially when it came to the underclassmen. He had nothing but positive comments and encouragement for them. Andrew was always early and staying late to catch passes and run routes correctly. He worked his way into a great season.

      Andrew also has also had the same work ethic in the classroom. Andrew’s dedication, honesty, and trustworthiness make him a student athlete you build a program around. Despite all he and his family have been through, Andrew is a kind and well-adjusted young man. His influence will continue through those he helped in during his four years at Lawrence Central.

    • Spirit of Sport Award: Joe Fehribach

      Joe Fehribach

      Joe Fehribach has been nominated for the Spirit of Sport Award by Mike Ford, the Director of Athletics at Bishop Chatard High School. Joe has been nominated for his display of leadership, humility and support of his teammates.

      Joe was the winner of this year’s IHSAA Mental Attitude Award for 3A football, was a State Finals Wrestling participant, and a first year Track & Field team member. Joe is held in high esteem by his peers, was selected as the Student Council President, and was given the Scholar Athlete Award by the National Football Foundation. Though he is soft spoken, he truly leads by example. He is a First Honors Student, All-State Academics for both football and wrestling, and is consistently there to cheer his teammates and fellow Bishop Chatard students in their respective endeavors.

      Joe has always shown his reverence for not only the Catholic faith, but also his support of community programs by volunteering at numerous organizations. He has been a volunteer at St. Mary’s Child Center, forum at the Crossing Nursing Home, Cathedral Soup Kitchen, canned food drives, and St. Augustine Game night for the elderly. Joe truly does it all.

    • Defining Sports Performance: Anna Owsley, MS, LAT, ATC

      Anna Owsley

      Anna Owsley was nominated for the Defining Sports Performance Award by Brebeuf Jesuit High School Interim Athletic Director, Kelly Antcliff. Anna was nominated for her selfless attitude and dedication to Brebeuf athletics and students.

      Anna has been at Brebeuf since the fall of 2003, working with football, volleyball, boys and girls soccer, cross country, basketball, baseball, softball track and field, and lacrosse. In addition to her duties at Brebeuf, she is also the athletic trainer for Butler University’s Dance Department and Dance Kaleidoscope.

      In August of 2010, Anna’s athletic training counterpart, Joe Harvey, was diagnosed with cancer. Within weeks of his diagnosis, Joe’s role in the department was reduced drastically due to his declining health. Anna didn’t miss a beat during that time, despite her duties doubling. She took everything in stride and continued to provide exemplary care for each and every one of the student-athletes.

      On January 1, Joe passed away, and while Anna had to deal with the grief of dealing with the loss of an irreplaceable colleague, she has remained a source of strength for the student-athletes and other members of the athletic department.

      When it comes to dealing with the care of the “whole person,” Anna is more than just a trainer; she is a true supporter of the program and deeply cares about the athletes as teammates and people.

    • Lifetime Legacy: Joe Harvey

      Joe Harvey

      Joe Harvey has been nominated for the Lifetime Legacy Award by Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School Cross Country Head Coach, Karl Knerr. Despite passing away earlier this year from cancer, Joe’s legacy continues to touch and inspire the Brebeuf community.

      Joe began working at Brebeuf 21 years ago as a guidance counselor and athletic trainer. Joe spent the day advising students about course work, their future studies, and their current well-being. When the school day ended, Joe would move downstairs to the training room where he would serve student athletes’ injuries and needs. His after school athletic trainer commitment would often mean an additional six to eight hours to his already full school day.

      Joe treated every person he met with utmost respect and every sport was equal in his mind. He never missed a home cross country invitational or meet, home or away football or basketball game, and any other home sporting event. The man had a hand in everything Brebeuf Jesuit, and everyone recognized him as man of integrity.

      After a short bout with cancer, Joe passed away on January 1, 2011. During his illness, Joe received thousands of notes and well wishes from students, parents, alumni and friends. He has touched the lives of countless people and helped children unfold into outstanding adults.

      Brebeuf continues to honor Joe with the Joe Harvey Baseball Tournament, the Harvey Invitation in cross-country, and the Joe Harvey Mental Attitude Award, given annually to one male and one female student who embodies the qualities of Joe. He will best be remembered as a role model and mentor who helped all students become the best they could be.

    • Trinity Dove: Team Hoyt

      Team Hoyt

      Rick Hoyt uses a wheelchair, but hat has not stopped him from living a very full and amazing life. He’s competed in the Boston marathon 28 times and in Ironman Triathlons six times. He, along with his dad, Dick, have formed “Team Hoyt” and they have competed around the world doing marathons and triathlons.

      Team Hoyt has competed in over 1000 athletic events in the last 30 years. Dick, 70, is a retired Lt. Colonel, having served in the military for 35 years. Rick, 49, is a graduate of Boston University with a degree in Special education.

      Rick was born in 1962 as a spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy and as a non-speaking person – but despite these disabilities, Rick’s mind and spirit have always been strong. His family supported his quest for independence and inclusion in the community, sports, education and the workplace, culminating with his graduation from Boston University.

      Dick travels the country doing corporate and community presentations, educating the public about disability awareness and promoting the Team Hoyt motto, “Yes You Can.” Through his presentation, Dick shares his lifelong commitment to changing attitudes and educating others on the world of disabilities. He and his family have seen an impact from their efforts in the area of public attitude toward people with disabilities.

      You may visit their website at to learn more about their story and see many pictures of their journey through their 30 years of racing.