2014 Spirit of Sport Awards

Based on our Core Values - Service of the Poor, Reverence, Integrity, Wisdom, Creativity and Dedication, the annual Spirit of Sport Awards (SOSA) began in 2007. For the past seven years, SOSA has also allowed St.Vincent Sports Performance (SVSP) to celebrate athletes and those who serve them in their perseverance through sport, bringing our Core Values to life.

They say, "The only thing constant is change," which rings true for SOSA too, as we are faced with re-inventing how we honor our hundreds of annual SOSA participants. In an effort to sustain the program and navigate the current financial challenges of the health care industry, we have initiated a digital platform for the Spirit of Sport Awards, which will replace our annual event.

SVSP will continue to serve the sports community and uphold our Core Values by awarding a monthly Spirit of Sport Honoree on SOSA social media. Each monthly award will include a short video, highlighting the accomplishments of the honoree.

Nominations will be accepted year-round, and can be submitted online on the Spirit of Sport Awards Facebook page.

For more information including a program overview, frequently asked questions and to view our winners, please visit the 2014 Info tab on the Spirit of Sport Facebook page.

St.Vincent Sports Performance knows that providing excellent care is not always about standing on the podium or in the winner's circle — sometimes it's about our role in the trenches that make our jobs worthwhile.

The Spirit of Sport Awards is our salute to athletes who Define Sports Performance.