Spirit of Sport.

Frequently Asked Questions


Eligible nominees for the Spirit of Sport Awards are athletes, managers, coaches, administrators and community members whose accomplishments extend beyond the field of competition. Award winners must bring St.Vincent's Core Values to life - Service of the Poor, Reverence, Integrity, Wisdom, Creativity and Dedication.


1. Who can submit a nomination?

  • There are no restrictions as to who can submit a nomination.

2. Where can I submit a nomination?

3. When can I submit a nomination?

  • Nominations will be accepted year-round. Winners will be selected monthly.

4. Can I nominate a team or group for an award?

  • Yes, teams and groups are eligible for nomination.  Please reference the Awards Selection Criteria for specific details.

5. Can all high schools participate?

  • Yes, there are no geographic restrictions for participation.

6. How are the winners selected?

  • One winner is chosen each month from the total collection of submitted nominations.

7. Can I nominate myself?

  • Yes, you may nominate yourself for the Spirit of Sport Award.

8. Can someone be nominated more than once?

  • There is no limit to the number of nominations; however, a nominee may win no more than one award in a year.

9. Do I have to be an upperclassman to be nominated?

  • No, all classes are eligible for nomination.

10. If I won a spirit of sport award in a previous year, can I win again?

  • Previous winners are eligible to be selected for additional awards, although it must be for an unrelated achievement.

11. Does a nominee's high school or organization have any effect on winner selections?

  • No, all nominees receive equal consideration in the selection process.

12. If my contact information changes, who do I need to inform?

Award Winners

13. How will I be notified if I am chosen as an honoree of the month?

  • You and your nominator will be contacted by a member of the Spirit of Sport Awards committee via the information provided in the nomination form.

14. What should I expect if I win?

  • Your story will be featured in a short video that will be shared online through St.Vincent Sports Performance social media and digital communications.

2014 Spirit of Sport Award Changes

15. Will there be a ceremony event in 2014?

  • There will be no ceremony event. Each month, one winner will be determined and celebrated through social media.

16. Why are these changes occurring?

  • Although we continue to navigate the current financial challenges of the health care industry, our goal is to continue to celebrate our Core Values and those in sport who bring those to life. For that reason, we are initiating a digital platform for the Spirit of Sport Awards in 2014

Ambassador Program

17. Who can be an Ambassador?

  • Each school can have one male and one female ambassador each year.

18. How do you become an Ambassador?

  • Ambassadors are chosen by their school's athletic trainer, athletic director or previous ambassador.

19. What are the duties of an Ambassador?

  • The Ambassador must serve as a champion for the Awards, as well as solicit nominations and drive participation.

20. Can an Ambassador be nominated and win an award?

  • Yes, Ambassadors receive the same consideration as all other nominees.