Center for Prenatal Diagnosis

What We Do

The Center for Prenatal Diagnosis at St.Vincent Women's Hospital specializes in evaluating and consulting with mothers considered to be high-risk.

We offer routine and targeted ultrasound examinations, genetic counseling, prenatal screening, and fetal diagnostic testing. The Center for Prenatal Diagnosis offers consultation and diagnosis of complicated pregnancies in addition to complete pregnancy care. In many situations, delivery and the majority of pregnancy care remains with your primary obstetric care provider.

In some situations it is best for your care to be “co-managed” between your primary care provider and the Center for Prenatal Diagnosis and in other situations it may be best for all of your care to be transferred to the Center for Prenatal Diagnosis. This is decided upon with the help of you, your primary obstetric care provider, and the Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists at the Center for Prenatal Diagnosis to optimize your care.

At the Center for Prenatal Diagnosis, we offer a variety of prenatal screening and testing options including some of the most common screenings and tests for chromosome abnormalities including:

The Center for Prenatal Diagnosis at St.Vincent Women's Hospital is one of the largest centers in the country performing the abdominal cerclage (transabdominal cerclage – TAC) - a somewhat new procedure that is typically used for the prevention of miscarriage and performed on women who have an incompetent cervix. Click here to learn more about transabdominal cerclage.

    About Us

    The highly trained physicians and staff of the Center for Prenatal Diagnosis provide expert care while nurturing your mind, body and spirit. Our staff includes:

    • Board certified Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists
    • Genetic counselors certified by the American Board of Genetic Counselors and licensed by the State of Indiana
    • Ultrasonographers certified by the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers and certified by the Fetal Medicine Foundation for nuchal translucency measurement and nasal bone identification
    • Nurse Practitioners specializing in women’s health

    Our Staff

    James E. Sumners, MD
    Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist

    Robert Deaton, MD
    OB/GYN Physician

    Rachel Doyel, MS, LGC
    Genetic Counselors

    Heather Marin, MS, LGC
    Genetic Counselors

    Megan Tucker, MS, LGC
    Genetic Counselors

    Kathy Edie, RT, RDMS

    Colleen Lauck, RDMS

    Amberlee Hudson, RT
    Office Manager