Newborn Intensive Care Nursery

Often times, the tiniest miracles need the most care after delivery. If your baby is born prematurely or needs specialized care after delivery, our expert Newborn Intensive Care Nursery staff is prepared to provide the highest level of intensive care for your new baby. In fact, we offer the only Level IIIC Newborn Intensive Care Unit (the highest level of care available) and Level III obstetric care in Indiana. And, it’s all provided at one site at St.Vincent Women’s Hospital. We proudly partner with Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St.Vincent and a variety of pediatric subspecialists to deliver comprehensive care in the hospital and after your bring your baby home.

What you can expect

Our Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) offers plenty of room, with separate suites for multiple births, and board certified neonatologists who provide around the clock care. Two Newborn/Pediatric Transport units travel statewide with a neonatologist, registered nurse, and respiratory therapist so that care can be provided right away on the way to our hospital.

High-risk maternity services offered at St.Vincent Women's Hospital include prenatal diagnostic testing, genetic counseling, high-risk pregnancy management, and more through the Center for Prenatal Diagnosis and/or the Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Genetics Center.

For your peace of mind, our NICU is staffed 24/7 by neonatologists should extra care ever become necessary.

For more information about our Newborn Intensive Care Unit Nursery or any of our other services, please call (317) 338-4HER.