Surgery Process

Preparing for Surgery

A pre-operative nurse may contact you prior to your surgery date to gather preliminary health information. Please remember:

  • No eating or drinking after midnight the night before your surgery.
  • Valuables or other important items should be left at home.

If you have questions before surgery, please call (317) 415-7850.

Shared Medical Records

St.Vincent Women’s Hospital has a patient-centered approach to the sharing of medical information. We encourage you, the patient, to become an informed, active participant in your care and treatment.

  • If you wish to view your medical records, please make a request to your primary nurse.
  • It is our policy to inform your physician of such requests.
  • If access is approved by your physician, your health care professional will arrange a convenient time to meet with you and review your records.

Arriving at the Hospital

Upon arrival at St.Vincent Women's Hospital, our admissions staff will ask for photo identification and insurance information, if applicable. Note that we offer financial counselors to assist with any questions regarding your bill or payment options. For more information please call Customer Service at (317) 338-9035.

After admission, our Surgical Services Patient Liaison will escort you and your care partner to the Surgical Unit. Your care partner will be asked to wait in the family waiting area until your Registered Nurse (RN) has completed your initial assessment. After the preparation work is complete, your care partner will be able to re-join you in the pre-operative area.

Surgical Services Patient Liaison

The Surgical Services Patient Liaison routinely makes rounds through the operating rooms and recovery area, checking on the condition and status of each patient. Our liaison will provide families with updates and is also available by phone to answer questions between routine rounds. Should you stay overnight with us, our liaison will visit with you the morning following your surgery and throughout your stay. For questions about our Surgical Services Patient Liaison, call (317) 415-7812.

Pre-Operative (Pre-Op) Preparation

During the Pre-Op phase, your nurse will complete physician orders and required documentation. You will then meet your anesthesiologist and surgical nurse. This is the time to ask questions and be reassured about your surgical procedure.

During Surgery

During your procedure, your family can wait in the family waiting area, where local phone access and free Wi-Fi is available. Your surgeon will meet with your care partner upon completion of your surgery.

After Surgery

After surgery, you will be taken to the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). PACU nurses are specially trained to care for patients who are recovering from anesthesia. If you are experiencing pain or nausea, medication is available for your comfort. You will stay in the PACU for one to two hours after your surgery. Visitors are not allowed in the PACU, so your family will wait in the family waiting area until you leave the PACU. Your family will be updated on your recovery by the Surgical Services Patient Liaison.

Inpatient/Outpatient Care

If you are an outpatient, discharge instructions will be given and you will be released to your family by the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) nurse to rest comfortably at home. If you are an inpatient, you will be taken to your room on the surgical unit and your family will be notified that you have left the PACU area.

Pain Management

At St.Vincent Women's Hospital, our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible after your surgery. Pain after surgery is to be expected, but with current treatments it can be controlled.

Pain management can help you:

  • Enjoy greater comfort while you heal
  • Get well faster
  • Improve your results - people whose pain is well-controlled seem to recover better
  • Avoid some post-operative complications

We offer several pain management options including both drug and non-drug treatments that can be successful in helping prevent and/or control pain. Many people combine two or more methods to get greater relief. Our Integrative Therapy techniques support the effectiveness of pain medication. Discuss pain control options with your doctors and nurses. Our patient centered approach to healthcare gives you, along with your doctors and nurses, the opportunity to design the best pain management plan for you.

Patient-Directed Visitation

At St.Vincent Women's Hospital we recognize the importance of family. That's why our Surgical Unit supports patient-directed visitation – an environment in which you will choose the visitation preferences that best suit your needs. In each room, we offer sleeping accommodations* for one adult to stay overnight with you and cell phones may be used in patient rooms. Limit one adult per patient room per night. Children are not permitted to stay overnight.

We consider your visitors as honored guests - second only to you, our patient. While we offer patient-directed visitation, based on the preference and condition of our patients, we do request that all visitors be respectful of other’s privacy and concerns for a quiet, healing environment. While in the hospital, we ask that you speak quietly and avoid unnecessary noise. Those with a cold, sore throat or other communicable illness should delay visiting until they are well. Smoking while on hospital property is prohibited. Note that St.Vincent Women's Hospital reserves the right to restrict visitors based on emergent public health concerns.

* A chair that opens into a bed or a long sofa that doubles as a bed.