Requesting StatFlight

How to Request St.Vincent StatFlight

Local law enforcement officials, fire fighters, first responders, emergency medical providers, 911 dispatchers and healthcare professionals can contact the StatFlight Emergency Communications Center to request a critical-care transport from the scene of any injury, significant cardiac or neurological emergency or between healthcare facilities.

Hotline Number: 1-866-574-4633

When To Call

Call for medical transport when medical professionals trained in critical-care medicine and critical-care equipment are needed to adequately care for the patient. Clearly, cardiac patients requiring invasive procedures will benefit from rapid transport to a tertiary care center.

Other medical patients may require invasive monitoring, thrombolytics, vasopressors, blood administration, advanced airway management, a ventilator or other critical-care procedures.

Guidelines for When to Call

These are the guidelines from the American College of Surgeons for when to call for rapid transport: 

  • Ground transport to an appropriate facility poses a threat to the patient's recovery or ground transport is delayed due to weather or geography
  • Extrication time or road conditions will seriously delay the patient's access to advanced life support
  • Motor vehicle accidents have occurred at 20 mph or more and the occupants are not wearing seat belts
  • The passenger area of the motor vehicle is compressed to 18 inches
  • The occupant is thrown from the vehicle
  • A motor vehicle rolls over
  • Another occupant in the vehicle dies
  • A pedestrian is hit by a motor vehicle traveling 20 mph or more
  • A person falls from 20 feet or more
  • Burns to chest, neck, face or perineal area
  • Any traumatic injury which requires significant fluid replacement or neurological impairment