Language Services

Medical Interpreters are available in person and/or by phone at all points of services and access within the St.Vincent Health System. Any Associate will be able to point a non-English speaking patient to the resources that will aid their communication with providers and associates.

CyraCom International - Over-the-Phone Medical Interpreter Provider

St.Vincent Health / RUAH provides over the phone medical interpreter services through CyraCom International; telephonic medical interpreters allow system health care providers to access a medical interpreter over the phone in over 150 languages. CyraCom services are available to all limited English speaking patients at no cost to the patients or client throughout the St.Vincent Health system. CyraCom International is endorsed by the American Hospital Association

Vital Document Translation

St.Vincent Health / RUAH continues the work of improving patient centered care for all LEP patients and clients through translation of vital documents. Vital documents are translated for patients in languages other than English. Through the document translations process St.Vincent Health / RUAH continues to provide effective communication that will promote, facilitate and advance the provision of culturally competent and patient- centered care for those who do not speak English as their primary language.

Bridging the Gap (BTG) Medical Interpreter Training Program

The Rural and Urban Access to Health (RUAH) program at St.Vincent Health offers the Bridging The Gap medical interpreter training course to St.Vincent associates and community members. The BTG program was created by the Cross Cultural Healthcare program in Seattle, WA. Bridging the Gap is one of the nation's leading medical interpreter training programs. The certificate of completion is accepted around the United States and is recognized by healthcare organizations throughout the state of Indiana.

RUAH language services coordinates and facilitates the BTG training courses. All Bridging the Gap trainers are licensed through St.Vincent Health and the Cross Cultural Healthcare Program.

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