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St.Vincent Carmel Opens New Women’s Center

WTHR-13, Current in Carmel

Saturday, March 14, marked the public grand opening for the new St.Vincent Carmel Women's Center. Event attendees toured the four-story outpatient facility, met Women’s Center physicians, received free screenings, listened to speakers, and shopped local pop-up boutiques. Julie Schnieders, executive director of the St.Vincent Carmel Women’s Center, was interviewed.

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Spring Starts Friday, But Allergy Season Is Already Here – St.Vincent Indianapolis

FOX-59, CBS-4

Many in Indiana have already noticed the sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes that accompany seasonal allergies. Dr. Scott Phillips, allergist with CENTA at St.Vincent, provided insight to which trees have begun producing allergy-triggering pollen.

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Column: Colon Screening Helps Prevent Deadly, Symptom-Free Cancer – St.Vincent Medical Group

Current in Fishers

Dr. Sweta Tandra, gastroenterologist with St.Vincent Medical Group, educated readers on a second-deadliest cancer among Americans: colon cancer. She shared that 60 percent of colon cancer cases could be prevented if people aged 50 and older received regular colonoscopies as is recommended.

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Zionsville Fire Department Firefighters Brush Up On Advanced Life Support Training – St.Vincent

Current in Zionsville

Mindy Collins, senior education coordinator, and Joey Cooper, clinical coordinator, with the St.Vincent EMS Education Department visited Zionsville Fire Department Station 91 to provide training with firefighters and paramedics on advanced life support skills such as starting IVs, giving medication injections and inserting advanced airways.

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St.Vincent Medical Group Cardiology Moving To New Location

Kokomo Herald

St.Vincent Medical Group Cardiology office in Kokomo, Ind., comprised of Drs. Kingsley Annan, Jeffrey Groothuis, Peter Nechay and James Scheffler, is moving to a new location at 2030 W. Boulevard, Kokomo, IN 46902.

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Bringing Back Into The Subways – Kind Of – St.Vincent Indianapolis

Indianapolis Star

Musicians around the world – thousands of them, in 120 cities and in more than 30 countries – are putting on a surprise birthday party for Bach in what has been coined “Bach in the Subways.” The Indianapolis Baroque Orchestra and Ensemble Voltaire will perform in a hospital, library and shopping mall – a way to bring classical music into spaces where it is unexpected. St.Vincent Indianapolis is one of four locations where a performance will occur in the Circle City.

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Letter: Hospital Workers Gave Superb Treatment – St.Vincent Anderson Regional

Herald Bulletin

A patient of St.Vincent Anderson Regional wrote a public letter in the Herald Bulletin about the exceptional care he received.

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Area School District Bans Sports Supplements – St.Vincent Sports Performance


Officials with the Western Boone County Community School Corporation announced they are banning Red Bull and supplement shakes on their campus. The school brought in experts from St.Vincent Sports Performance to educate students on how to achieve peak health without added help from supplements.

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