Our Services

Health Careers Recruitment and Retention

MICI- AHEC is committed to expanding the health care workforce, including maximizing diversity and facilitating distribution, especially in underserved communities. It does this by providing enrichment activities that introduce children to all the possibilities with the health care industry. The presentation is geared for students in grades K-12.

Continuing Education for Health Professionals

MICI-AHEC wants to continue to have health professionals who are always current and aware of trends in the health care industry. These programs are designed to enhance clinical skills and help maintain professional certifications. Programs also focus on recruitment, placement, retention activities, and cultural competency components that address community and state health care workforce needs.

One on One Counseling

MICI - AHEC provides individual counseling for students and adults wanting to enter the healthcare industry. Many adults seeking jobs in the healthcare industry are already in the workforce. Mentors assist in the process of healthcare career exploration. Counselors ensure each individual receives adequate information to assist in making informed educational and/or career choices. Our staff helps find students’ areas of interest, schools and classes that meet schedule needs and break down barriers that otherwise prevent completion and success.