Soul and Spirit

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Program

St.Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital offers a Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program, in partnership with St.Vincent Indianapolis, which is open to pastors, seminary students and laypersons interested in working in health ministries.

The chaplains serve as part of the faculty for the CPE program, offering seminars and serving as resources for CPE students..

Faith Community Health Stations

St.Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital Health Stations are located in nine local churches in the Anderson community. These health stations make a positive and profound impact through the promotion of personal health awareness, health screenings, displays, and instructional materials. Each station is staffed solely by volunteers and is outfitted with a range of materials and supplies supplied by the hospital.

Bereavement Services

Memorial services are conducted quarterly for family members and friends of patients who have died at St.Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital in that quarter. These services are conducted by the Center for Spiritual Care.

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