The Midwife Center

Certified nurse-midwives who are in practice at the Midwife Center are Allison Dorris, Ginny Maher and Charlotte Meeker. Collectively, these three nurse-midwives have provided more than 75 years of labor, delivery and post-partum care to women in Anderson and Central Indiana.

St.Vincent Medical Group physicians oversee the care provided by the midwives and care for patients who need any services beyond the scope the midwives provide. The midwives accept commercial insurance, self-pay and Medicaid.

As an additional service to women in the community, The Midwife Center will be providing the same free pregnancy tests that are available through The Birthing Center.

Prospective patients may call 608-1332.  Get to know them through their videos


The Midwife Center
15 W. 19th Street