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Being seriously overweight is a medical condition, not a character defect or a lack of will power. We understand this distinction, and treat patients based on a medical model, never holding patients responsible or blaming them for their condition.

Morbid Obesity

''Morbid obesity'' is considered as being approximately one hundred pounds or more over the ideal body weight as it is medically defined – or having a body mass index of forty or more. Morbid obesity has been shown to decrease an individual’s life expectancy and significantly reduce his or her quality of life.


"Bariatrics'' refers to the medical and surgical treatment of obesity and the conditions associated with it. Our Bariatric Weight Loss Center is staffed with highly experienced medical experts in bariatrics. Our process is designed to help you find out if bariatric surgery is right for you. The steps in our process are:

  • We begin with a screening by our medical professionals.
  • If this initial screening determines that you are a potential candidate for bariatric surgery, you will have to opportunity to meet with one of our bariatric surgeons to discuss your options going forward
  • After completing a thorough examination, consulting your primary care doctor and receiving insurance approval, your surgeon may proceed in making the necessary surgery arrangements.

To schedule a screening with one of our bariatric experts, call (317) 582-7088 today.

About Your Options

The two types of procedures for surgical weight intervention are procedures that:

  • Restrict stomach capacity, enabling a patient to eat and feel full in spite of consuming less
  • Block or reduce calorie absorption

At St.Vincent, our experienced surgeons have performed more than 15,000 bariatric surgeries, including a variety of procedures from both categories, and one combination procedure.

After your initial consultation with one of our board-certified bariatric surgeons, it will be determined whether you are a candidate for surgery and which procedure would best meet your needs. Before undergoing surgery, you will receive extensive pre-operative education about your specific surgery.

Post Surgery Nutrition

After surgery, your nutritional needs will be very specific, and your doctor will advise you on the best way for you to maintain a healthy weight and overall health. St.Vincent Women’s Health Boutique serves as the home of our nutrition stores. In addition, we offer free shipping for on nutrition services.

We are currently building a new online shopping experience for St.Vincent Women's Health Boutique. Please call (317) 582-8080 in the meantime to place your orders.

Support Groups and Classes

Support groups are pivotal to the success of weight reduction surgery patients. We organize and proudly offer these support groups free of charge to anyone who has had or is considering bariatric surgery. Groups and classes are scheduled to allow patients the opportunity to attend at least one per month.


Body mass index (BMI) measures the height/weight ratio of an individual. It is calculated by dividing the square of an individual’s height in meters by their weight in kilograms. It is key indicator used to determine if a patient qualifies for treatment.

Bariatric Cooking Class

The Bariatric Cooking Class is held every other month on the third Tuesday, beginning at 7:00 p.m., in the new St.Vincent Carmel Women’s Center Community Room on the first floor (use Entrance #3 on the Carmel hospital campus.)


  • Tuesday, July 21
  • Tuesday, September 15
  • Tuesday, November 17


  • Tuesday, January 19
  • Tuesday, March 15
  • Tuesday, May 17
  • Tuesday, July 19
  • Tuesday, September  20
  • Tuesday, November 15