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One of the shortest wait times in the Midwest

St.Vincent Carmel prides itself on having one of the fastest door-to-doctor times in Central Indiana. You will receive the same speed that you would expect at a free-standing urgent care facility while having access to a full-service hospital.

With over 16,000 Central Indiana patients choosing St.Vincent Carmel for their emergency medical needs each year, you can be assured that we are prepared to attend to your specific need for emergency services. The state-of-the-art, compassionate care that you will receive at St.Vincent Carmel has been nationally recognized as among the best in the nation. Your trip to our emergency department follows the road to recovery.

For wait times, text CARE to 41411 or click here.

Our Team

We could not have earned the prestigious Center of Excellence Award without a staff that is committed to providing the best emergency care to every patient who chooses St.Vincent Carmel. In addition to the required continuing education that all of our clinical staff completes, many of our nurses are seeking advanced degrees in clinical and administrative areas. Every member of your care team shows their pride and enthusiasm through their dedication to employing the best practices for emergency medicine and through their devotion to compassionate care.

A larger space. The latest systems. An efficient new design.

St.Vincent Carmel's emergency room not only offers quicker access to care, but also care that’s thoroughly compassionate. Our experienced staff of board-certified emergency specialists is ready to handle any medical need. And to listen, advise and comfort.

We know that health crises can occur at any time, and we are prepared.

  • The doors of our 18-bed Emergency Services Department remain open 24 hours a day
  • Our emergency room physicians are fully accredited trauma-care specialists
  • Our emergency room handles over 17,000 emergency room visits a year

Orthopedic Emergencies and Sport Injuries

At St.Vincent Carmel, our emergency department specializes in orthopedic injuries. With one of the shortest wait times of any emergency department in Central Indiana, we quickly can provide pain management, fracture stabilization and diagnostic testing results. Our relationship with some of the best orthopedists in the area positions us to respond to your injury with the best-possible care in the region. Our door-to-doctor times allow you to receive the treatment you need so that you can rest comfortably at home as soon as possible.

In addition, St.Vincent Carmel provides athletic trainers and orthopedic specialists to many of the local high schools. If an injury happens on a playing field or in a gym, there is a good chance that your athlete will be prepared for transport to the emergency department by a St.Vincent sports medicine expert.

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The only Emergency Center of Excellence in Indiana

St.Vincent Carmel earned the Emergency Center of Excellence award from Emergency Excellence, an organization that motivates and recognizes outstanding performance in emergency departments across the US. St.Vincent Carmel is the only Emergency Department in Indiana to earn this award and was the second hospital in the nation to receive the designation.

Our staff has demonstrated superior skill in the following areas:

  • Safety
  • Satisfaction
  • Space
  • Staff
  • Support
  • Systems
  • Solvency

We have shown that the outcomes for our emergency department exceed national expectations and that our patients are confident that they have received unparalleled care.

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