Children and Youth

Kindergarten Tours

A hospital visit can be especially traumatic for a child who has no previous experience with the hospital, sometimes fueling a lifetime of health care fear and avoidance. At St.Vincent Clay, educational tours are given to over 300 kindergarteners each year to help children develop healthy attitudes about health care.

What the Tour Offers

  • The tour gives children an up close and personal look at laboratory, radiology, emergency department and dietary services
  • In the laboratory, the children get to see cultures under a microscope

The tour ensures that children will feel more at ease in the hospital environment whether as a visitor or patient and avoid the anxiety and fear that can interfere with healing and recovery.

YMCA Partnership

St.Vincent Clay is proud to join the YMCA of Clay County in a partnership focused on building healthy spirits, minds and bodies to create a stronger community.


To touch children's lives, helping to create a strong foundation and teach key values that they will carry throughout their lives.

With financial support from St.Vincent Clay Hospital, and in conjunction with the “Strong Kids Campaign,” the YMCA ensures all children, even those children unable to pay, can participate in its programs.

Summer Camp - Educational and FUN Activities

Children from ages 6-13 are offered an opportunity to attend such programs as the YMCA Summer Day Camp. During the summer, more than 150 children enjoy the summer day camp and are able to participate in activities including:

  • Crafts
  • Recreation
  • Reading
  • Skits
  • Sports
  • Swimming
  • Tutoring based on the Indiana Academic Standards