Patient Bill of Rights

All healthcare facilities and physicians will be required to comply with the federal privacy rules concerning how your health information is shared, stored and utilized. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) outlines privacy standards that protect your medical record and other health information, and identify your rights and responsibilities. All of your information, including your medical record and computer file, are kept strictly confidential and are not released or disclosed to anyone outside St.Vincent Dunn without your permission.

St.Vincent Dunn considers protecting your privacy an important part of providing you with high-quality care. If you have any questions regarding these privacy policies, please contact our Risk Manager at 812-276-1301.

Below is a brief excerpt of your rights as a patient.

St.Vincent Dunn Adult Patients

As a patient at St.Vincent Dunn you have the right to:

  • Be informed of your rights before receiving or discontinuing your care
  • Be informed of the process for prompt resolution of your complaints or grievances
  • If the hospital is unable to resolve the conflict to the Complainant's satisfaction, the Complainant will be encouraged to contact The Joint Commission. For The Joint Commission contact information, please call Quality and Accreditation at 812.276.1301.
  • Participate in the development and implementation of your plan of care
  • Know the identity of the physician who is primarily responsible for your care
  • Know the nature and extent of your medical problem
  • Know the planned course of treatment
  • Know your prognosis (expected outcome)
  • Receive instruction in self-care
  • Know alternatives for care or medical treatment
  • Receive information necessary to give informed consent prior to the start of any procedure
  • Know the probable length of your hospital stay
  • Know the long-term financial implications of your treatment choices
  • Participate in ethical issues
  • Accept or refuse any procedure, drug or treatment and to be informed of the possible consequences
  • Formulate advance directives and the right to designate a decision-maker if you are not able
  • Expect supportive care, including appropriate management of pain, treatment of uncomfortable symptoms and support of psychological and spiritual concerns and needs
  • Have a family member or representative of your choice and your physician notified promptly of your admission to the hospital
  • Have personal privacy
  • Receive care in a safe setting
  • Be free from all forms of abuse or harassment
  • Ensure the confidentiality of your medical records
  • Access information contained in your closed medical record
  • Decide to participate in clinical trials, research or investigative treatment
  • Be free from seclusion and restraints of any form that are not medically necessary or are used as a means of coercion, discipline, convenience or retaliation by staff
  • Receive full explanation of restrictions of visitors, calls or mail
  • Receive considerate, respectful care from all employees
  • Have your personal, cultural and spiritual values and beliefs considered when treatment decisions are made
  • Expect a reasonable response to your request for services within the capacity of the St.Vincent Dunn
  • Receive evaluation, services or referral
  • Receive information concerning the relationship of the hospital to other healthcare and educational institutions
  • Be provided with a list of clergy members available for spiritual counseling or assistance
  • Expect support and assistance in accessing protective services and community resources
  • Expect an explanation of your bill regardless of the source of payment and to receive information or be advised of the availability of sources of financial assistance

Patient Rights for Minors

All rights and privileges provided under St. Vincent Dunn's Patient Rights and Responsibilities Policy will be extended to neonates, pediatrics and adolescents through their parents and/or legal guardians.

The following rights are also applicable for patients who are minors to:

  • Continue your education if a lengthy hospital stay is expected
  • Expect time for play and recreational activities
  • Be allowed to visit on a limited basis with your peers

Self Determination Act

The policy of St.Vincent Dunn regarding the Patient Self Determination Act is as follows:

  1. We acknowledge your right to make your own decision concerning your healthcare and medical treatment. To assist you in understanding State and Federal directives, you will receive the Indiana State Board of Health publication, “Your Right to Decide.”
  2. The hospital will respect and honor your rights to the extent allowed by Indiana law. St.Vincent Dunn will not discriminate against you in any way on whether or not you have executed an advance directive. There is additional information available to you that can be obtained in the hospital.

This information includes:

  • St.Vincent Dunn's Operating Policy and Procedure on Advance Directives
  • Information on Living Wills
  • Information on Durable Power of Attorney
  • Information on the Appointment of a Healthcare Representative
  • Information on Life Prolonging Procedure Declaration