Children and Youth

Kindergarten Tours

A hospital visit can be especially traumatic for a child who has no previous experience with the hospital, sometimes fueling a lifetime of health care fear and avoidance. At St.Vincent Frankfort, educational tours are given to kindergarteners each year to help children develop healthy attitudes about health care. To date, seventy-six children from Green Meadows Elementary School and Heritage Child care have received a St.Vincent Frankfort tour.

What the Tour Offers

  • The tour gives children an up close and personal look at lab, radiology, emergency department, and dietary
  • In the laboratory, the children get to see cultures under a microscope

The tour ensures that children will feel more at ease in the hospital environment whether as a visitor or patient and avoid the anxiety and fear that can interfere with healing and recovery.

Local Heroes

St.Vincent Frankfort is a partner in the Local Heroes program sponsored by Coach Kids of Clinton County, an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of families through mentoring relationships supported by educational and faith-based services.

Adult Mentors/Coaches

Local Heroes is a school-based mentoring program that matches elementary-aged children with an adult mentor/coach who commits to meeting with the child one hour per week at their school. St.Vincent Frankfort supports this program by recruiting staff as adult mentors.