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Congestive heart failure is a progressive disease. It has many symptoms, and its severity varies greatly from one patient to another. Because of this, CHF can be challenging to diagnose. For some, drug therapy or mechanical assist devices may be adequate treatment. For others, a heart transplant is the only option. To ensure that patients receive the right diagnosis and treatment for their CHF, St.Vincent Heart of Indiana has developed the CHF/Transplant/VAD Center of Excellence.

The goal of the specialists with the CHF/Transplant/VAD Center of Excellence is to find the optimal treatment for patients with heart conditions like CHF. And with the combined expertise of physicians from St.Vincent Medical Group and St.Vincent Medical Group, St.Vincent Heart Center has the resources to provide patients with all available CHF treatments — everything from drug therapy to heart transplant.

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St.Vincent Heart Center also has some of most highly-skilled transplant specialists in the nation supporting the most active adult heart transplant program in Indiana. But for the physicians with the CHF/Transplant/VAD Center of Excellence, the goal is to explore all available alternatives to heart transplant.

Heart transplant is a serious procedure. And donor hearts are becoming increasingly scarce. That's why physicians with St.Vincent Heart Center and the CHF/Transplant/VAD Center of Excellence work hard to apply the latest CHF treatments, so that patients can keep the heart they have.

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A ventricular assist device (VAD) is a small mechanical pump implanted in the chest to help a weakened or failed heart circulate blood throughout the body. VADs ensure that adequate blood flow and pressure is maintained.

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