Community Connections

"How We Sow"

A hospital is simply a building that houses ill people who need nursing and medical care. St.Vincent Hospital, as a partner in the community, is an organization that delivers services above and beyond the tasks of medicine and nursing and addresses the needs of the community in order to improve the quality of life for that community. Not only do we provide care to the sick, but we provide education and health maintenance to all members of the community. We are a respected provider of health care, and under the guidance of the Core Values and the mission of Ascension Health, we continue to provide the highest quality health care to the community.

Our Catholic health ministry is dedicated to spiritually centered, holistic care, which sustains the health of individuals and communities. In addition to providing multiple health care services in many locations, St.Vincent gives back to the community by providing charity care and access to multiple specialty clinics. Throughout the year, St.Vincent associates volunteer at health fairs, screenings and educational seminars to multiple groups in the city and surrounding area. We also offer on-site classes to the public on many health topics. Participating in demographic assessments and focus groups, St.Vincent understands and addresses the issues that affect the people of the community.

Partnering with multiple nursing schools in the state allows St.Vincent to be a clinical site for hundreds of nursing students. St.Vincent employs student nurses to provide bedside care, allowing them the opportunity to hone basic nursing skills while exposing them to our PPM, culture and expectations.

Parish Nursing

Parish nursing emphasizes health and healing within a faith community. Registered nurses receive special training in providing health support services (rather than hands-on-care) within their faith congregation. The nurses are trained to use their nursing skills to benefit their church or parish by becoming:

  • Health educators
  • Personal health counselors
  • Referral agents
  • Community resource liaisons
  • Volunteer trainers and interpreters of medical terminology

Through partnership with other community health resources, parish nursing fosters new and creative responses to health and wellness concerns.

Parish nursing is a concept that has been sponsored by St.Vincent for many years through a partnership with the University of Indianapolis. Bertha Brown, RN, shares the following about her current sponsorship.

“St.Vincent is currently supporting me in my desire to become a Parish Nurse. They have agreed to sponsor me through financial assistance so that I may attend a four day course at the University of Indianapolis. My parish community has relied on my medical knowledge to assist them through minor medical situations and to recognize true emergencies and call 911. This Parish Nurse Program will help me become proactive in leading my church community to a healthier lifestyle instead of reactive to their current medical needs. My plan is to organize classes that educate our parishioners on how to improve and maintain their health, including the proper use of blood pressure and AccuCheck™ equipment. I also plan to participate in organizing our yearly health fair. Thank you to St.Vincent for your sponsorship and being such a caring and giving place to work.”

NICU Reunion

St.Vincent Carmel Hospital, St.Vincent Women’s Hospital and the St.Vincent Foundation celebrated their 13th annual Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Reunion August 20, 2011, with thousands of patients and families.

At this year’s event, more than 3,000 patients and families reconnected with St.Vincent NICUphysicians, nurses and associates. Patients and families from across the state participated in ponyrides, face painting stations, rock wall climbing, played in an inflatable play area, and enjoyed games and complimentary snacks.In 1998, the NICU celebration was first organized by a nurse in her basement. The nurse and her team search through a phonebook to identify and invite over 500 patients and families to the inaugural event.

The NICU at St.Vincent Women’s Hospital, Indiana’s only dedicated women’s hospital, is the largest level III C NICU in Indiana. The family-focused practice of keeping the neonate with the mother at the hospital establishes St.Vincent as a leader in peri-natal care throughout the state. The NICU is staffed 24/7 by neonatologists, neonatal nurse practitioners, nurses and respiratory therapists.

St.Vincent Nurses ‘Go Green’

Going green is a demonstration of concern for the environment, and for the communities in which we live and serve. St.Vincent has many ways in which associates and the organization as a whole think green by reducing, reusing and recycling. Julie Teague, BSN, RN, manager, Team 2 Surgical Services participates in a team effort to impact the environment by recycling surgical supplies. In the article provided in Indiana Nursing Quarterly titled, Nurses Work to be Greener, Julie shares about the effort and her belief that environmental responsibility is our duty as nurses.

Day in the Life of a Nurse Shadow Program

Nurse Shadow ProgramOn November 2, the Indiana Center for Nursing (formerly Nursing 2000) sponsored a Day in the Life of a Nurse Shadow Program. High school students were placed at clinical sites throughout central Indiana, with 15 assigned to St. Vincent Indianapolis and St. Vincent Women’s Hospitals. Students were matched with a nurse volunteer in the area of their interest to shadow on the unit for the day, wearing hospital scrubs.

This nursing observational experience allows students to make more informed career choices regarding their future. Thank you for welcoming these students to our facility. This was a collaborative effort supported by Terri Beesley, Annette Byers, and Lynn Murphy, Education and Development. Thank you again, St. Vincent associates for making this a wonderful, positive experience for the student participants.

A special thanks to the nurse volunteers who made time in their busy schedules for students to shadow them on the unit:

St.Vincent Indianapolis

Ashley Small, 6East; Lauren Hawkins, 6S Oncology; Schani Baptiste, 6West Head & Neck; London Nelson, 6West Obs; Jayyat Jones, 7 East; Linda Cox, Endoscopy; Dorothy Riley, Infusion & Procedure; Lisa Hayden and Karen Diehl, Pav A; and Carla Smith, Peds ED.

St.Vincent Women’s

Laura Nave, FCU; Susan Disser, Donna Kunkle, and Karla Fisher, NICU.