Audiology 2Audiologists identify, assess and manage disorders of the auditory, balance and other neural systems that impact the ability to hear. Common conditions appropriate for audiological interventions include:

  • Pediatric hearing loss management and prevention (ages 0-17), including genetic, congenital, syndromes, chemotherapy, ototoxicity, CMV, meningitis, middle ear effusion, microtia, ossicular malformations
  • Adult hearing loss and prevention, including presbycusis, noise induced, chemotherapy, ototoxicity, middle ear effusion, ossicular problems, perforations, cholesteatoma, vertigo, tinnitus

Assessment and Intervention

Audiology 1Audiologists provide the following assessment and intervention strategies to manage or prevent hearing problems:

  • Hearing aid evaluation and fitting - analog, programmable analog, digital, disposable hearing aids
  • Electroacoustic evaluation of hearing aids
  • Audiologic assessment (infant to adult) - to determine hearing acuity and perception
  • Electronystagmography (ENG) - evaluates peripheral and central balance systems of the ear
  • Brainstem Evoked Response (BSER, ABR) - evaluates the auditory brain-stem pathway. Used to infer hearing sensitivity in infants and as part of oxotoxic monitoring.
  • Video otoscopy
  • Cochlear implant candidacy test battery and fitting
  • Custom ear products - custom ear plugs for noise reduction, "musician" ear plugs (high fidelity sound reduction), swim plugs, custom molds for ear level monitors, telephone, stereo, radio and stethoscopes
  • Assistive listening devices
  • FM systems
  • Amplified stethoscopes

Outpatient Audiology Locations


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