Annual Conference on Aging

27th Annual Conference on Aging:
The Older Adult Journey Through Healthcare

CHA Conference BrochureMarch 11, 2016
Ritz Charles
12156 N. Meridian Street
Carmel, Indiana

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Welcome to the “perfect storm” of healthcare! This might be a description for all of healthcare in America, but there are potentially earth-shaking implications for our older adults and their health care team. The interwoven complexities generated by our rapidly changing healthcare system are daunting. The health care professional may not feel prepared to face the new challenges presented by the new payment models that are emerging, the emphasis on quality measures, the effects of increasing life expectancy, and the increasing prevalence of comorbid chronic diseases and the need to better identify high-risk patients.

We will attempt to analyze the journey older adults might experience moving between multiple
settings of care—home to hospital to nursing home and back again. Each of these moves if
improperly handled can lead to unwanted complications and care that is less efficient, more costly
and poorer quality of care.

The goal of this conference is to seek ideas how to intervene more proactively to help care providers better understand our patients’ needs as they navigate the healthcare system. We hope to provide insights into the changes that are occurring in healthcare and look for ways to promote safer care and more effective care at the right time and at the right place. We will attempt to find ways to identify the high risk patients that require additional specialized resources so that we can provide more appropriate, affordable patient-centered quality care. Lastly, because dementia in particular stretches the limits of affordable healthcare, we will examine better means to identify and better care for the cognitively impaired patient and their families.

This conference is meant to enhance the knowledge base and skills of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, dietitians, allied health and rehabilitation therapists, social workers, health facility administrators, and other interested healthcare professionals.

Conference Objectives

  • Recognize the role of changing Medicare payment systems in the care of older adults
  • Delineate patient characteristics that predict higher risk of healthcare related complications
  • Identify ways in which to more efficiently transfer patient information between healthcare settings
  • Participants will learn updated medical strategies and will be able to implement in diagnosing geriatric diseases or conditions for the areas covered in afternoon talks.

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For questions or more information about the upcoming conference, please call the Center for Healthy Aging at (317) 338-7780.