Patient Surgery Information

As you prepare for surgery, there is important information to consider. St.Vincent believes that patients should be as informed and knowledgeable as possible before any medical procedure.

Please use this information as a guide and discuss any additional questions you may have with your physician or surgeon.

Patient Guide to Surgery

Because we understand that having surgery is a major event in your life, we have prepared this guide to surgery for patients.  

Please review the information contained in this site to help you prepare for your surgery.  

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Herbal Supplements and Surgery

If you are scheduled for surgery, and are presently taking any herbal supplements, please inform your primary care physician and surgeon.

Surgery patients should generally stop taking herbal supplements for two weeks prior to surgery.

The following list of popular herbal supplements could cause complications during surgery.

  •  5–HTP
  •  Aloe
  •  Astragalus
  •  Bilberry
  •  Black Cohosh (Remifemin)
  •  Cascara Sagrada
  •  Cat's Claw
  •  Cayenne
  •  Cranberry *
  •  Dong Quai
  •  Echinacea
  •  Evening Primrose
  •  OilFeverfew
  •  Garlic
  •  Ginger
  •  Gingko Biloba
  •  Ginseng – Asian, Korean
  •  Ginseng – Siberian
  •  Glucosamine Sulfate
  •  Goldenseal
  •  Grapeseed Extract
  •  Kava Kava
  •  Melatonin
  •  Milk Thistle *
  •  MSM
  •  Pyridoxine
  •  SAMe
  •  Saw Palmetto
  •  St. John's Wort
  •  Stinging Nettle
  •  Valerian

*No known interactions and/or complications

For more information, contact your primary care physician, surgeon, or St.Vincent Surgery Evaluation Center at (317) 338-3346.