da Vinci® Gynecologic Surgery

There is a range of gynecologic conditions that women face throughout the pre- and post-menopausal years. Whether its heavy menstrual bleeding, incontinence, or more aggressive conditions such as cancer, sometimes medication and other non-surgical treatments are unavailable or unable to ease your symptoms. If your doctor recommends surgery to treat your gynecologic condition, da Vinci® surgery may be an option for you.

Our world class, board certified surgeons at St.Vincent are using the robotic-assisted da Vinci Surgical System to treat a variety of gynecologic conditions such as cervical and uterine cancer, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, uterine prolapse, and menorrhagia (excessive bleeding).

While traditional gynecologic surgery, using a large incision, has been the standard approach for many years, the recovery is often more painful, longer, and may include significant time away from normal daily activities. The da Vinci robotic surgery is an innovative, state-of-the-art surgical platform that is solely controlled and operated by your surgeon who is able to more precisely target the anatomy.

At St.Vincent, our doctors are performing the following surgeries using the da Vinci Surgical System:


  • Hysterectomy
  • Bilateral Salpingo oophorectomy (BSO)
  • Unilateral Salpingo oophorectomy (USO)
  • Transabdominal Cerclage (TAC)
  • Myomectomy


  • Pelvic & Para Aortic Lymph Node Dissection
  • Radical Hysterectomy
  • Hysterectomy BSO