Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Treatment

If breast cancer is detected, our team of top physicians—breast surgeons, oncologists, radiation oncologists and plastic surgeons—customizes your treatment to ensure it is the most-advanced and the least-invasive. State-of-the-art treatment advances available at St.Vincent include:

  • Radiation therapy techniques that can be completed in five to sevendays, compared to six to seven weeks of standard external radiation.
    • Accelerated partial breast irradiation using the SAVI® catheter, a brachytherapy (internal radiation) technique that uses multiple special catheters to deliver radiation from within the breast only to the tumor cavity and a small margin of surrounding tissue
    • MammoSite intracavity brachytherapy, which is a balloon with a single catheter running down the middle. A small radiation seed is delivered down the catheter and stops at various positions along the way to deliver the prescribed radiation dose, ensuring that any cancer cells that may remain in the tumor area are destroyed and only a very small portion of healthy tissue is affected.
  • Comprehensive genetic testing and evaluation of tumors to determine the most effective, personalized and gentlest treatment
  • Multidisciplinary breast conferences in which caregivers from each discipline—surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, pathology, nursing and supportive care—discuss the patient's treatment plan
  • Clinical trials to investigate new and more effective methods of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment