Pastoral Care Staff

St.Vincent facilities offer trained, professional chaplains in this specialized setting to assist and support you with your spiritual and emotional needs. While here, one of our staff chaplains, CPE students or pastoral care volunteers may greet you and offer their ongoing spiritual support.

The chaplain who greets you works for the hospital and is certified by the National Association of Catholic Chaplains or the Association of Professional Chaplains or is in the process of becoming certified. Each one has received many hours of specialized ministerial education through Clinical Pastoral Education and is endorsed by a well-established faith group. The staff chaplain and CPE student are members of your health care team. Each of our pastoral care volunteers has also been appropriately screened, trained and approved by the leadership of the Pastoral Care Department.

If you want your own minister or a visitor from your faith community to support you while you’re here, the registrar or a chaplain will ask your permission to notify the leader of your faith group and inform them of your hospitalization. At each of our hospitals the Pastoral Care Department strives to work cooperatively with local clergy or their representative to honor the patient’s cultural, spiritual and/or religious beliefs and practices.