How to Give

The St.Vincent Foundation

Making a charitable donation is one way you can make a difference in others' lives. Your gift to St.Vincent Seton Specialty Hospital is vital to the success of our hospital.  Donations are solicited and managed for a variety of projects, including medical research, facility enhancements, medical equipment, medical education and patient care for people who are sick and can't afford to pay for their care.

Memorial and Honor Gifts, gifts made in remembrance or in honor of a family member or friend, are a wonderful way to recognize someone's life while also helping the hospital.  When you make a memorial or honor gift for St.Vincent Seton Specialty Hospital, the Foundation will send a notice of your gift, without indicating the dollar amount, to this person or family at your request. For more information on how you can make a donation to St.Vincent Seton Specialty please visit the link below.

St.Vincent Foundation Website