Health Education

Bariatric and Orthopedic Seminars

Warren County Learning Center hosts seminars to educate the community regarding their bariatric and orthopedic procedures, and St. Vincent Williamsport Hospital is a sponsor of these community outreach events.


Because of the obesity crisis in Indiana, bariatric surgery has been an important tool in the physician arsenal  to help patients lead healthy, productive lives. St. Vincent Williamsport staff provide educational materials and expertise in explaining bariatric surgery options and the important issues that must be considered in matching individual patients with the most appropriate option. A monthly support group provides ongoing education and support for pre and post bariatric surgery patients. 


The orthopedic seminar, conducted by a St.Vincent orthopedist, provides education on common orthopedic injuries, such as knee and wrist fractures, rotator cuff injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome, and the options for therapy, repair and prevention.

For more information on these seminars or to find out about other classes offered at St.Vincent Williamsport, please call (765) 762-4000.

Health Careers Class

St.Vincent Williamsport Health Careers Class provides high school students with an introduction to the health field and an opportunity to learn first-hand about working in a health care environment.

Exploring Health Care AND Earning College Credit

This unique program is based at St.Vincent Williamsport Hospital and exposes students to medical terminology, first aid and CPR.  Students spend time in clinical areas learning and exploring health care and can earn six college credit hours upon completion of the program.

Through the Health Careers initiative, St.Vincent Williamsport:

  • Encourages more students to enter the health care field
  • Addresses health care professional shortages that are especially critical in rural areas of the state
  • Better prepares those who chose a career in health care for post-secondary education and training requirements