Patient Partnership Council

Patient Partnership

Have you ever wanted to become an ongoing part of St.Vincent Women’s Hospital but did not know how? If the answer is yes, then take advantage of this opportunity to get involved with our Patient Partnership Council.

The Patient Partnership Council patient-centered care philosophy recognizes the perspectives of patients and their families in shaping our hospital programs and services. The Patient Partnership Council has built a community partnership with St.Vincent Women’s Hospital by developing and nurturing an ongoing relationship. Established in 2010, the Council is always recruiting new members who have been patients or family members of patients.

Members of our Patient Partnership Council commit their time, efforts and talents to serve in a volunteer capacity for a variety of hospital initiatives and programs. Working together we support the mission of St.Vincent Women’s Hospital.

If you would like to become involved with the Patient Partnership Council at St.Vincent Women's Hospital, please complete the following information and place it in the mail, email us at, or give it to a St.Vincent Women's Hospital associate.

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